The Epic Love Masterclass Bundle

Create Your Best Relationship Yet! It's Time To Feel Secure, Calm & Confident With A Partner Who Appreciates & Loves You. How? Watch These Masterclasses!

These are my most powerful, popular and empowering teachings all in one bundle at a heavily discounted price.

Whatever relationship situation you're in, what you'll learn and take away WILL transform your relationships and last for the rest of your life.

This Bundle Is PERFECT For You If:

  • You have doubts about your partner and relationship but aren't sure yet why it's not quite working for you.
  • You lose yourself in your relationship, over-give, people-please and often feel disappointed or unimportant to your partner.
  • You feel insecure and anxious and want to find out what you can do to feel more relaxed and trusting or whether your partner makes you more anxious.
  • You get triggered a lot which leads to conflict and sleepless nights and you want to find out what to do about it so that you feel more in control of your emotions.
  • You want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and say what you want to say guilt-free and without it ending in drama or conflict.


Learn To Leave

Discover The Art of Letting Go & Breaking Free From Relationships That Hurt You Or Simply No Longer Serve You

A lot of people stay in dead-end relationships because they simply don't know how to leave. Self-doubt, fear and guilt can cause them to stay even though they feel deeply unhappy with their partner.

This masterclass puts an end to this!

It Is Perfect For You If:

  • You want to make sure that you have tried everything possible to save your relationship before ending it.
  • You are ready to move on but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.
  • You want to learn how to leave without feeling guilty, getting overwhelmed or making any massive mistakes.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover the 5 ‘Learn to Leave’ practices that will make it the easiest breakup ever.
  • Learn 3 crucial mindset shifts that will allow you to leave without feeling guilty, causing drama or hating each other.
  • Tap into the ‘Art of Leaving’ energy to regulate your nervous system and soothe your soul to reduce any unnecessary suffering.


Anxious Or Toxic?

Find Out If You Are Too Anxious Or Whether Your Partner Has Toxic Traits That Make You More Anxious And Cause A Lot Of Relationship Distress

“Is It Me Or Is It Them?”

If this is the question that keeps swirling around in your mind, then this is the most perfect masterclass for you.

This Masterclass Is PERFECT for You If: 

  • You are feeling anxious, insecure or paranoid in your relationship and want to find out why this is happening … it is you or is it them?
  • You are worried that without learning to control your anxiety it will cause serious damage and lead to your partner leaving you.
  • You want to get into a new relationship but worry about getting into an unhealthy one that will make you feel anxious again.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to soothe anxiety when you feel unwanted, alone and rejected.
  • What's 'normal'? Distinguish between anxiety that stems from actual relationship problems with your partner and anxiety caused by your attachment system so that you can deal with the actual problems or stop guessing at it and doubting yourself.
  • Uncover the 5 toxic traits and partner reactions that will set your attachment system off and how you can stop this painful pattern with or without the help of your partner .


Triggered By Love

Learn How To Deal With Feeling Triggered In Your Relationship To Avoid Conflict & Bust-Ups From Damaging It Beyond Repair & Feeling Like You're Losing Your Mind

Getting triggered is a horrible experience that leaves you feeling out of control, say things you may later on regret and that puts you in fight-flight-freeze-or-fawn mode instead of feeling connected to your partner.

We need to learn to deal with our triggers to stop having unnecessary arguments that damage our trust and bond with our partner.

But you also need to figure out whether something in your relationship isn’t quite right and that’s why you get triggered. Knowing the difference makes a HUGE difference!

Let me show you how to get to the bottom of what’s going on for you and how you can put yourself back in charge!

This Masterclass Is PERFECT For You If:

  • You are wondering if your partner isn't right for you because why else do they set you off so much?
  • You want to feel more in control of yourself and stop becoming overly emotional, angry or feeling like you need to shut down and run away.
  • You want to break free from a toxic relationship pattern where you and your partner set each other off.
  • You want to learn how to tell your your partner how to respond to you in a way that doesn't make them all defensive or lead to an argument. 

Here's What You'll Learn In 'Triggered by Love': 

  •  How to get to the bottom of what triggers you so that you can neutralise it once and for all and feel back in control.
  •  How to use your triggers to break toxic relationship patterns and finally feel connected and in love again.
  •  How to calm yourself down so that you can use your triggers to detect patterns of self-sabotage in your relationship. This is crucial!



Stop Hustling For Love, Being A Servant In Your Relationship & Learn How To Make Yourself Matter Without Feeling Guilty Or Selfish

It's time for you to experience what it’s like to be in a relationship in which you get what you want too!

No more losing out so that your partner can win - this is about elevating and equalising your position in relationships to banish codependent traits, people-pleasing patterns and one-sided situationships once and for all.

All of these block real love and connection so if you’re ready to finally receive what you’ve always been longing for, it’s time for you to elevate!

Here's What You'll Learn In ELEVATE: 

  • Create balanced, healthy and reciprocal relationships that nourish and support you.
  • Avoid the low-status moves that attract takers, the emotionally unavailable and people who only want to put you down so that they can feel better about themselves.
  • Resist the urge to chase and peace and never feel pulled in to pursue anyone again because you have now learnt the secrets of effortlessly attracting what you desire.
  • Equalise and matter in your relationships to feel significant, appreciated and loved.


Limitless YOU!

If You Struggle To Say What You Want To Say Or To Set Boundaries In Your Relationship Because You Don’t Want To Cause A Scene Or Create An Atmosphere, Then This Masterclass Is For You!

It’s hard when you don’t feel like you can just express yourself without fearing negative consequences such as being made wrong or having a huge argument.

Not being able to open up and share what’s going on for you also blocks connection and communication. Anything unresolved from the past can also lead to us being more inhibited and bottling up our feelings. Again, this doesn’t help anyone or create healthy, lasting relationships.

Watch this masterclass to learn how you can express your truth without feeling guilty, selfish or resentful and instead feeling confident and more connected with the people you love.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In ‘Limitless You’:

  • Why holding back what you've got to say and keeping it bottled up inside might lead you to struggling with mood swings, low energy and feeling emotionally drained.
  • Discover the secret mindset shift that will dissolve any fears around boundary-setting and saying what's really on your mind.
  • Find out how you can feel more relaxed, secure, confident and happy inside of your relationships and discover a new level of emotional bonding.
  • Experience a new level of inner healing and instant shift that will make it easy for you and feel empowered to stand up for yourself from the end of the masterclass onwards.


Past Clients' Results

Past clients have achieved the following amongst many other incredible outcomes:

  • Lasting Love: James and Debbie have gone from arguing and avoiding each other to actually communicating, feeling heard, understood and connected in a matter of weeks while working with Marlena. Another marriage saved and improved!
  • Real Love: Lydia has attracted a loving, respectful and emotionally available partner who talks to her about her feelings and is comfortable with making long-term plans with her after having broken up with her ex who kept telling her that she was too sensitive and too much because she couldn't get over him cheating on her.
  • A New Lifestyle: Cindy sorted out her family situation, learnt how to set empowered boundaries, improve the relationships with her siblings, got a promotion at work and went on 3 holidays with friends she reconnected with during our work together. She also started dating after having re-gained her confidence and established clear boundaries and dealbreakers.
  • Feeling Free: Jim ended his toxic marriage, developed real confidence and started a new life with someone who cared deeply about his emotional wellbeing which allowed him to properly take care of himself for the first time in his life without feeling selfish.


Your Transformation

What makes this an outstanding and transformative experience you want to say YES to?

⭐️ Gain powerful insights and a deeper understanding in what works, what is required and why to make a relationship healthy, mutually enjoyable and fun so that it's easy for you to implement that in your daily life with just a few, customised steps that work for you and your partner.

⭐️ Learn practical strategies that work in real-life by themselves or in combination with spiritual and/or emotional practices - honouring your unique choices and preferences.

⭐️ Experience empowering mindset shifts that are logical, increase your sense of self-confidence and self-belief and decrease any resistance to change by working with your brain AND nervous system.

⭐️ Get into energetic re-alignment that helps all of you to get on board - your mind, body, emotions & actions - and work in coherent ways that maximise your results and lead to a successful outcome.

⭐️ Create fast & lasting results due to uncovering and addressing root causes instead of dealing with superficial symptoms.


Some Of The Many Testimonials From My Clients:


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