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Monetise Your Genius

Take Your Business To The Next Level And Unlock Your Next Income Goal By Using Your Gifts & Monetising Your Genius

In Just 4 Weeks Without Compromising Yourself

This is for you if

  • you want to sell your services and programs to female entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals online 
  • you are an expert in what you do and can help your clients achieve many different outcomes
  • you want earn a lot of money doing the work you love and that you feel called to do 

And you want to

  • have a clear strategy
  • know exactly what you’re doing, why it's valuable and why it works
  • keep your business and strategies simple to avoid feeling lost or overwhelmed
  • create content easily because you know who you're speaking to
  • create offers that sell out because you know what your ideal client desires and says YES to
  • have fun doing your work your way and on your terms
  • get paid for your gifts and allow them to evolve and deepen
  • have clarity and certainty around your process
  • communicate it clearly so that others see the value in it immediately
  • feel confident in yourself and the service you deliver
  • show up as an authority and attract soulmate clients easily

But you struggle to

  • narrow down who you ideally serve
  • what problem you help them to solve and 
  • how to position that in a way that makes them say YES to working with you without any price objections

What is this program about?

This is an opportunity to work with me 1-1! You will get 4 x 40 minute calls and Voxer support for 1 month (weekdays only) so that you can identify

  • who exactly you want to work with 
  • the main problem you will solve for them
  • what the main outcome is that you can help your ideal client to achieve 
  • what your unique gifts, talents and strengths are that set you apart
  • the process you follow to get someone the outcome they desire

What this allows you to do is to

  • create content that attracts, connects and converts 
  • give you full clarity needed to promote yourself confidently
  • simplify your process and methods so that you can focus on the one thing that means the most to you, has the most impact and makes the most income

Additionally, we will

  • Identify any success blocks, visibility fears or worthiness wounds that may hold you back
  • Repattern any internal resistances to being seen, expressing yourself, being an authority or receiving money and attention 
  • Align your truth and purpose with your business and the services you provide 

Why me? Why this?

  • I am an expert in identifying patterns
  • I easily spot people's gifts and their potential
  • I’m a blind spot detective
  • I am passionate about this topic myself
  • I have been on dozens of niching courses
  • I’m a qualified psychotherapist and have over 20 years of experience in working with people at a deep level
  • I am super-passionate about empowering other ambitious women to use their gifts to create financial wealth AND fulfilment in their lives


A Selection of Some Testimonials from my Clients