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Peace, Love & Harmony

Create Drama-Free Relationships and Finally Feel Liked, Appreciated & Loved!

This course shows you why some of your relationships might not be working out well for you and how you can create more relationships that do and that allow you to feel relaxed, liked and fulfilled. 

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Discover the little known causes of drama, conflict and relationship stress so that you can begin to avoid them and experience more peace, love and harmony in your relationships. 
  • Step out of the 3 harmful roles we were all conditioned to fit into and step into your power instead so that you create the space and freedom we all need to love fully and freely
  • Feel more empowered than ever before and start to move through your relationships with a sense of lightness, joy and unwavering confidence. 
  • Have more fun together, feel more relaxed in each other’s company and confidently make long-terms plans together by removing any lingering resentments that are blocking your sense of feeling connected.
  • Become part of the same team and unite against any challenges and problems by becoming each other’s biggest source of encouragement.


You deserve to experience Epic Love relationships in all areas of your life!

Your partner, friends, family, colleagues. clients. You can have it all!

You deserve to feel like you matter in your relationship!

You deserve to feel safe and relaxed in your relationship!

You deserve to be loved for who you are and not for what you can do for others!

You deserve to be your own person and to be valued and respected for who you are!

And all of that is possible for you once you create drama-free relationships.

You don't have to abandon your existing relationships. You just make some empowerment moves that change the dynamic and let the other person get used to the new rules. Most people WANT to please you and be good for you ... give them a chance!


Look at what my clients and students say about working with me

Why does this matter so much?

Relationships impact our health and wellbeing so we want to make sure that we create the healthiest and happiest relationships possible.

Relationships that work well for us help us to feel safer to take risks, have adventures and achieve our goals. You will find that what most millionaires have in common is a healthy relationship and a supportive spouse!

You want to create Epic Love relationships just because it’s possible for you and because you want to experience what that’s like! Why wouldn't you!?


Why should I choose your program, Marlena?


Because it comes from a place of real-life experience and it actually works in real life!


It's worked for me and it's working for my clients. It's just a different perspective a different way of living, a different way of relating to yourself and each other.


Things need to make sense for me in order to apply something (the positive side of trust issues lol) but I have found out that my clients deeply benefit from things making sense to them too so that's a main focus of all of my work.


I like concepts and learning new things but I always have to know why it matters and how I can practically use it in my life. I don't have time for more info that doesn't actually help me to feel better, grow or achieve more. So I make everything as practical as possible and use real-life examples to demonstrate how we can create the change we wish to see.


I don't talk to your pain - I talk to your potential. And that alone is empowering. I don't get caught up in your conditioning and all of the stories around why you can't. You can. You and I know it. Only you often forget. I'm here to remind you.

Quite often that's all we need.

With Love, Marlena


[You are and will remain solely responsible for using and applying what you are learning in this program at your discretion.]