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Quantum Leap Healing

Heal And Transform The Relationship You Have With Yourself While Achieving Your Next Level Goal in Love, Life or Business.

Here we combine your inner transformation with outer success!

No more healing in a vacuum and feeling stuck in a healing bubble in which not much moves, shifts or happens apart from information overload!

I invite you to work with me in a 1-1 capacity (8 one-to-one sessions lasting 45 minutes each + 8 Voxer days) where my focus is on helping you to

  • clarify your goal for the future,
  • break through the patterns and blocks that keep you stuck and
  • develop a practical action plan that allows you to implement the most powerful healing practices while simultaneously
  • achieve real-life wins and lasting change.


The Quantum Leap Healing experience is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want real-life results and successes that allow you to see how much progress you have made in your healing journey.
  • You want to feel lighter, good about yourself and show up with real confidence and assertiveness.
  • You want to let go of old patterns, wounds and pain that weigh you down and stop you from moving on with your life.
  • You want to regain self-trust and self-belief so that it’s easy to take bold action and make incredible things happen.
  • You want to address the root causes and heal them once and for all so that you can move forward as the empowered Next Level You.


Past clients have achieved the following amongst many other incredible outcomes:

  • Real Love: Lydia has attracted a loving, respectful and emotionally available partner who talks to her about her feelings and is comfortable with making long-term plans with her.
  • A New Business: Eve quit her 9-5 job that provided her with high status and high income to start a business she felt truly passionate about and that got booked within the first two week of going public.
  • A New Lifestyle: Cindy sorted out her family situation, learnt how to set empowered boundaries, improve the relationships with her siblings, got a promotion at work and went on 3 holidays with friends she reconnected with during our work together.
  • Feeling Free: Jim ended his toxic marriage, developed real confidence and started a new life with someone who cared deeply about his emotional wellbeing which allowed him to properly take care of himself for the first time in his life without feeling selfish.


What makes this a life-changing experience you want to say YES to?

⭐️ Gain powerful insights and a deeper understanding in what works (and why) so that taking action becomes easy, aligned and a no-brainer solution. 

⭐️ Learn practical strategies that work in real-life by themselves or in combination with spiritual and/or emotional practices - honouring your unique choices and preferences.

⭐️ Experience empowering mindset shifts that are logical, increase your sense of self-confidence and self-belief and decrease any resistance to change by working with your brain AND nervous system.

⭐️ Get into energetic re-alignment that helps all of you to get on board - your mind, body, emotions & actions - and work in coherent ways that maximise your results and lead to a successful outcome.

⭐️ Create fast & lasting results due to uncovering and addressing root causes instead of dealing with superficial symptoms.


More Testimonials From My Clients: