The 5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

If you are plagued by doubts about your relationship and often wonder if it's right for you or healthy and what it would be like if you left, then this guide is for you.

Breaking up is a big decision and one that often keeps us trapped in cycles of overthinking, frustration, fear and stagnation. Nothing changes and nothing shifts as more time goes by. These 5 questions can help you to uncover some deeper truths that will reveal what is right for you and what you really want to do.

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This Is Perfect For You If

  • You are not really happy in your relationship and long for more but question whether you're being realistic or not
  • You don't think that your relationship is healthy but aren't sure whether it's bad enough to leave
  • You have tried to improve your relationship time and time again but nothing is working or your partner is unwilling to work on it
  • You feel drained by constantly thinking about whether to leave or not and need to figure it out once and for all

Thank you Marlena. I have grown so much emotionally these past few days. I've never shared so much and I'm no longer going to internalise so much. You and each person in this group have been amazingly supportive. Today I choose me!

Loved this masterclass! It was so relevant and just what I need right now. Thank you so much, Marlena!

So happy with this unexpected outcome! I have opened up to new experiences I've never done or avoided because I didn't have to ask anyone of it was ok or if it seemed weird. Thanks so much Marlena for this incredible new outlook on life through engaging. 

Hello I'm Marlena

I'm a relationship expert, self-actualisation coach and highly experienced psychotherapist specialising in healing trauma and breaking through patterns of self-sabotage in your relationship or career.

I help my ambitious clients free themselves from the unhelpful and unhealthy patterns that hold them back from getting the love they need and achieve a new level of self-mastery that fills them with the confidence and self-belief they need to turn their love lives around.

I feel called to teach people with big relationship dreams how they can create and receive everything they want simply by doing their inner healing work, mastering their psychology and getting into energetic alignment with their greatest desires.