I'm Marlena, Therapist & Coach, Helping You Get The Love You Need

Amazing relationships don't just happen, they are created so that they work for you and feel good to you. And I can show you how to make that happen in your life too!

How to heal past wounds, become empowered, confident and secure, create healthy relationships, unleash your desires, follow your dreams, pursue your goals and receive love, success and wealth in abundance. 

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Being in a happy, healthy and loving relationship is so important for us, our happiness and wellbeing but why is it so hard to make that happen?! That's the question that motivated me to become a psychotherapist and relationship coach more than 8 years ago.

But I didn't want to keep going on about all the ways in which we are struggling in love and life and so I began to focus on how we can thrive!

And that was the beginning of my own personal and professional transformation which I am now sharing with other ambitious people who want to leave the past behind, develop true self-confidence, create out-of-this-world amazing relationships and finally show up in their lives, fulfil their potential and make really cool and exciting things happen!

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How I've Helped My Ambitious Clients Reach Their Epic Love & Success Goals 

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Soulmate Attraction

Once we update an old relationship pattern, it becomes easy to shift into worthiness mode, become highly magnetic and attract a partner who wants to love you in all the right ways.
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Happy Relationships 

When you learn new empowered relationships skills backed up by some powerful mindset and energy shifts, being happy and healthy in your relationship becomes really easy and straight foraward.
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Personal Evolution

Our focus is to put you into thrive mode so that you feel confident and excited and about following your dreams and making amazing things happen in your life, relationship and career.

There's no need to struggle, suffer or take time out ... let me show you a high vibe way of healing and growing that translates into direct success for you.


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Private Sessions

Working 1-1 gives you the most connected and powerful transformation as you will receive my customised support and undivided attention.
Work With Me
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Programs & Courses

I create transformative programs and courses that teach you the perfect strategies, mindset and energy shifts to create a life of Epic Love & Success.
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Let's go on a joint journey of empowered growth to create amazing relationships, feel confident, loved and excited about our lives.
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Marlena Tillhon MSc

We are a PERFECT MATCH if 

you are willing to reconnect with yourself, empower yourself, grow in confidence and become secure in your relationships. This is about inner healing and continuing your personal evolution - it is not about fixing you but helping you to see your power and potential.

I do not use any convincing strategies because the desire to heal, grow and change has to come from within you. I respect you too much to disempower you by telling you what to do, trying to convince you or what’s best for you or pushing you into a cookie cutter mould. You make the move and I’ll be there to support you 100% but I can’t make the move for you. 

When you say yes to yourself and your journey of empowerment, we become a perfect match. As a result, you will finally feel loved, connected and calm in your life. You will create amazing relationships and you will begin to dare to dream and make those dreams come true. This always happens. 

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Find out how to set boundaries to create healthy, happy and loving relationships without feeling guilty or anxious.