Are You In Surrender Mode?

conditioning inner healing mind mastery Jul 21, 2022

“It’s just not possible for me.”

Ever thought that? Or maybe even have this going through your mind on repeat?


Meet its siblings:

🟡 It’s too late for me.

🟡 I can’t do that.

🟡 I am just not that lucky.

🟡 I am just not a happy person.

🟡 I never get what I want.

🟡 It doesn’t matter anyway.

Plus the 27+ others that are swirling around in your brain.


Let me tell you this:

These thoughts are symptoms of you being in SURRENDER MODE.

It’s the most disempowering mode of all and it stops you from solving problems and taking any kind of action.

Basically, these thoughts make you give up.

The more you listen to them, the more you believe them, the more you will act them out and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the end, you get to feel right. Well, your conditioning does.

But at what cost?

Countless opportunities. Your time. Your energy. Your dreams. Your life.

That used to be me once. For many, many years.

Until I decided to fight back.

And that’s what it takes: 1 decision.

And sticking to it.

I wasn’t going to waste the rest of my life being stuck in surrender mode and passively accepting, tolerating and dealing with what I didn’t really want to have in my life. 

We all have this one life. There’s no rehearsal. There’s no instruction manual.

There’s just choosing to make it the best it can be or surrendering.

I know which one I chose and I am experiencing things I never thought possible.

There’s nothing special about me so I know that everyone can achieve incredible things.

Just not when they’ve surrendered to their conditioning.

Catch the thoughts and resist to temptation to surrender.

That’s a HUGE part of empowered healing.

You can do this!


With Love