Letting Go of Guilt & Excessive Resposibility

codependency inner healing unhealthy relationships Aug 05, 2021
Letting Go of Guilt & Codependency

It’s easy to find yourself in a situation or relationship where you feel responsible for someone else’s wellbeing.

It comes from growing up and learning that we need to focus on another person and make them happy to keep ourselves safe. It’s something we simply haven’t managed to let go of yet.

But when we do it in our adult lives, we struggle and suffer.

😔 We make sure that others get what they want even if it means losing out ourselves.

😔 We struggle to say no because we just can’t bear feeling guilty or disappointing someone else.

😔 We believe it’s our duty to serve others.

😔 We think that prioritising others will mean that they’ll eventually prioritise us too.

😔 We believe that we earn respect and love that way.

If you’re reading this, chances are you know that you can’t carry on like this.

It’s too exhausting, too draining, too sad.

In my life, I always felt bitterly let down, alone and resentful. But it was better than the guilt.

I simply couldn’t bear the guilt.

😩 The guilt of not doing what others wanted me to do.

😩 The guilt of disappointing others.

😩 The guilt of not meeting their expectations.

😩 The guilt of failing to make someone happy.

😩 The guilt, the guilt, the guilt …

Today I no longer struggle like that and no, I didn’t have a personality transplant or became uncaring and hard.

I have learnt a few simple truths that helped me completely change my mind about my role in life and that’s something I now want to share with you too because it’s time to liberate yourself from feeling like you need to be everyone’s servant in life.

We’re so done with that! 🥳

Instead it’s time to step into your secure self!

⭐️ Your secure self that values, respects and prioritises what you want and need so that you can be your best version for yourself and others.

⭐️ Your secure self that freely expresses what it wants and needs so you can represent yourself confidently in your relationships.

⭐️ Your secure self that is emotionally connected and available and chooses others who are too.

⭐️ Your secure self that knows how to have fun, be light-hearted and create reciprocal relationships that enhance your life.

⭐️ Your secure self that feels good about you and knows you deserve to be taken care of and loved in life by leading the way.

All of this is possible by following a simple and logical yet powerful method I have researched, trialed and tested not only on myself but also hundreds of clients I have worked with.

And this method is what I am sharing in Outgrow Codependency, my super-popular inner change program.

I am soooo excited that I get to share it with you too!

I have never been able to just outline how I work, what I do, why it works and how it helps so this is a huge achievement for me and my community because from here on out we’re just going to have fun developing and strengthening our secure, loving, fun, self-respecting and creative selves while creating amazing relationships in the process

⭐️ And you’re invited to join this empowered, kind and supportive community too!!! ⭐️

I’d absolutely love to support you through outgrowing your struggles with people-pleasing and codependency.

Find out more here:

➡️ www.outgrowcodependency.com

Any questions, message me - I’m always happy to connect!

With Love

Marlena 💖