How To Charge High-End Prices Without Guilt or Shame

coaching success Aug 04, 2022
charging high-end prices for coaches and therapists

If the thought of charging your clients more for your services fills you with dread and lots of awkwardness, then you’re not alone.

Lots of gifted, talented and competent entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals undercharge because they feel guilty for charging what they actually would like to charge AND for what their services are worth.

While there are a number of inner blocks to charging what we’re worth, I’d like to focus on a mindset shift that has helped me tremendously when increasing my fees.


Here's My Story About Charging High-End Prices

I first encountered the awkwardness of being paid for my time and expertise when I became a psychotherapist. It didn’t matter how little I charged, I hated how it felt to get paid by my client at the end of the session.

And so, my business partner at the time came to my rescue and created an automated payment system.

Nevertheless, I had to work against this resistance to getting paid and shortly after, I began to double my fees which by that time were amongst the highest in my industry.

How did I justify it?

  • I developed unwavering confidence in my skills and recognised the incredible results my clients were achieving.
  • I continued to develop my skills and started to niche more which allowed me to communicate the value of my work more clearly and in tangible terms.
  • But most importantly, I stated my fees assertively and so there were no energetic incongruencies that would have elicited any price objections.

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t done the inner work around receiving money for my expertise and gifts.


So what about high-end prices? How can you justify charging $3k and upwards for working with you?


Let me explain …

As therapists, coaches and service-providers, we can usually solve a multitude of problems.

While that sounds like a good thing and is, in fact, a magnificent skill set to have, it makes marketing yourself and your services hard because you look like a generalist.

If a client struggles with not being able to sleep properly because her toddler isn’t sleeping through the night and so she keeps having to cancel her clients or projects and is losing money, she doesn’t want to wade through hundreds of coaches and therapists who all provide services around anxiety, depression, burnout, etc.

She doesn’t have the time or the energy to do so.

So what would she want in that situation?

A coach that helps parents to resolve their toddler’s sleeping problems.

How much is that worth?

A lot.


Because the sleep coach has honed her skills.

She has developed a system and a process that helps her clients in the fastest, most effective way possible.

She has niched down.

She works with the clients she works with best, who have the best attitude and who achieve the best results.

She has refined her messaging.

She doesn’t waste their time by making them look hard for her. Instead, she makes it easy for her clients to find her by being very clear and specific about the result she provides.

She has crafted her art.

She has taken the time to eliminate anything she isn’t excellent in so she can focus on her unique gifts, talents and skillset.

All of this makes it easy for her clients to know that she is ‘the one’ for them.

There are no lengthy sales calls. There is no need to convince, pursue or objection-handle.

There are just facts: she has THE best solution to the client’s problem.

And, she is the only one who can offer her solution in her way using her gifts and her expertise.

Which basically means that she has worked hard to eliminate any kind of competition.


Now to the 'High-End Prices' shift in perspective:

Could this client go to someone else? Yes.

Could she find someone who can help her with this particular problem but still positions themselves as a generalist? Probably.

But how long would it take her to find them?

How much time would she have to waste speaking to the wrong professionals?

How much time might she waste trying to implement  the wrong solution?

And how much money would she spend on the wrong professionals with the wrong solutions?

Can you see why charging high-end prices is nothing to feel guilty about when you have done all the work to help your clients find the perfect solution to their problem?

If so, then tweak this perspective to make it work for you and watch how quickly you feel proud of charging what you want to charge for your service.

With Love, 


And if this is something you’d like to work through with me, I would love to connect with you. Please message me at [email protected]