Use The Lessons of Past Pain So That You May Prosper Today

inner healing Aug 16, 2022

The past is gone.

We can’t go back and change anything.

No matter how hard we may try. And trust me, I did try.

Too often, we get stuck carrying it around with us.

We let it define us.

We let it take place in our minds.

We let it run our lives.

And then it taints everything

Inner healing helps us to let go of the past so that we can be free in the present moment.

We finally get a chance to meet ourselves, to truly connect to ourselves and to consider what kind of life we actually want to live.

For me, it wasn’t one defined by the people in my past and their pain.

I didn’t want their unhealed wounds to infect the rest of my life.

I had already lost way too much time!

And so, I chose to learn from my past mistakes and their mistakes and consciously create a new life for myself.

I learnt how to think differently, be different and how to feel like a different version of myself.

My most empowering move was when I chose to use my lessons and help others.

Today something good has come out of them, not just for me but for hundreds of private clients and students I have been guiding through their own empowered inner heralding journeys. 

Together we prove that you can change your life at any point no matter what has happened in the past.

You are more powerful than you ever realised and you can use that power to proactively create a life you love.

You can make money and create financial stability and independence by doing work you love.

You can provide your children with an abundance of love, fun and wealth in all shapes and forms.

And you don’t need anyone else to provide you with it.

It can all come from you.

You just need to decide.

And choose.

And then go for it.

I have catalogued my biggest lessons and created courses and programs around how to do empowered inner healing in the real world.

I am creating instructions on how to reclaim your worth and reclaim your life so that everyone who chooses to leave the past behind, heal their wounds and take charge of their lives now for a fresh start, for more love, greater abundance and a lot of fun, wealth and fulfilment can build a solid foundation to thrive from.

That’s what I want to do with my life and that’s how I choose to serve.

Because when you do what you love, nothing ever feels like work anymore.

With Love, Marlena