The 2 Factors That Stop You From Making Decisions Fast

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Overcoming Self-Doubt


If making decisions is difficult for you, I want to share my favourite fast decision-making hack with you.


Our brains can come up with all kinds of convoluted stories that overcomplicate things.


All of a sudden, you have more variables to consider than you know what to do with.


Nothing seems straight forward and for every explanation there are another 5 questions.


No wonder it’s so hard to make up your mind!


But here’s the truth (bomb)!


When you struggle to make a decision, you’re usually not 100% honest with yourself.


When that’s the case, you unconsciously don’t allow yourself to see all that there is to this situation. This includes your underling intentions and motivations.


And they usually come down to 2 things:


  1. You want something and so try to get it or keep it.
  2. You don’t want something so you’re trying to figure out how to avoid it.


The complication is that usually we feel that we shouldn’t want what we do want or that we should accept what we don’t want.


That’s why we then struggle to make a decision and waste lots of energy trying to find a solution that’s not in alignment with our truth.


So the next time, you find yourself stuck, check in with yourself and ask yourself what you’re trying to avoid that you think you have to accept or what you’re trying to hold on to that’s probably something you should let go of.


Let me know if that works for you too!


With Love



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