Why Feeling Bad Doesn’t Mean You’re Doing Alignment Wrong

alignment self-mastery Aug 09, 2022

The reason I love the word alignment so much is because it provides me with a term that encompasses and described the work I do.

For almost 10 years, I have helped my clients get back into alignment without realising that that’s what I was doing.

Today, I know that that’s the state they get to know as their new normal.

But it’s a process - a logical one at that.

Alignment is a term predominantly used in the more spiritual communities but I have always seen it as a logical sequence to getting what you want.

It fits in perfectly with manifesting and many psychotherapeutic practices. It was the perfect bridge for me and my clients to open up to new ways of seeing, doing and being.

But there’s a huge misunderstanding that I want to address today and that is that alignment is synonymous with feeling amazing.

This applies to the end result, yes.

But it doesn’t apply to the process of realigning.

Realigning is rarely ever comfortable.

It’s not horrific, of course, but it can be emotionally challenging and that’s when I see a lot of people bail. They stop realigning just before they get into alignment and reap the benefits.

The reason I feel compelled to share this is that I hate to see gifted and ambitious people give up on themselves and their dreams because the feelings feel too scary or overwhelming.

Getting into alignment requires certain self-mastery skills like mindset work, nervous system regulation and emotional expansion skills.

That’s where I come in.

That’s how I help my clients.

We realign in practical ways that work.

They feel in control because they know what’s happening and I teach them how to process whatever comes up.

Realigning is a proactive healing process that ends in empowerment and expansion.

It’s a catalyst for human evolution.

So just because that process might not feel great doesn’t mean that something is wrong or that you’re doing it wrong.

It just means that there are some skills you are invited to learn that would help you navigate the process of realigning.

So get that support.

Learn the how.

Don’t let the feelings put you off.

There’s also no need to suffer unnecessarily.

Getting into alignment is a privilege. 

It’s a gift to even know that it exists and is available to you.

And should you want me to guide you through it and develop a customised version for you that allows you to achieve your next level goals again and again, message me and let’s chat.

With Love, Marlena