Self-Doubt Is A Mental Habit You Can Unlearn

inner healing self-doubt Jul 18, 2022

Self-doubt is a mental habit you can unlearn. 

It's not something you need to beat yourself up over. It's not something you do to sabotage yourself.

It’s a safety strategy you developed as child to keep yourself safe from anything you you could get criticised, ridiculed or punished for.

If you doubted yourself, maybe you thought that you’d make fewer mistakes.

If you doubted yourself, maybe you’d take fewer risks and so would fail less.

If you doubted yourself, maybe you wouldn’t speak up for yourself and get verbally attacked.

If you doubted yourself, maybe you would share your feelings so no one could invalidate them. 

If you doubted yourself, maybe you didn’t share all of yourself and so could stop others from bullying you and tearing your heart into little pieces. 

Self-doubt is not a flaw.

It’s a safety strategy that is based in a different reality.

It’s a remnant from the past.

Today, you need to make sure that there is no need for it.

Be emotionally safe for yourself.

Replace your inner critic with a compassionate coach.

Let go of others who are not emotionally safe for you.

Embrace those who are.

Self-doubt is not a flaw.

But it’s no longer needed.

Today it stops you from moving forward.

It slows you down.

It limits your perspective.

It gives rise to suffocating fears.

Today there is no place in your life for self-doubt.

You weren’t born to doubt yourself.

You were born to express yourself.

All of you.

You are a gift.

Share yourself with those who value you.

And be one of them.

With Love, Marlena


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