Feel Loved & Appreciated in Your Relationship


What would it feel like to

🤍 improve or create an amazing relationship that leaves you feeling supported, loved and respected with just 8 simple mindset shifts?

🤍 be confident, express yourself freely without any self-doubt or guilt and actually have your partner love you more for it?

🤍 let go of hustling for love or going without what you want and instead feel energised, happy and supported by your partner?

🤍 relax and feel secure in your relationship knowing your partner loves and respects you for who you are and not for how you ‘serve’ them?


GOOD NEWS! All of that is possible for you too!!! Let me show you how!

Marlena Tillhon MSc

Relationships were hard for me

I wasn’t good at relationships at all. I made myself small, didn’t set any boundaries, put up with too much, gave too much and loved too much. 

And even though I bottled everything up, avoided conflict, was very easy-going and went without what I wanted or needed, I still ended up being called ‘too needy’ or ‘too sensitive’.

I didn’t enjoy my relationships and I didn’t feel loved or appreciated until I discovered some profound lies I had been taught about relationships.

Empowered Love Feels Amazing

Once I saw through these lies, my beliefs began to shift and my relationship improved in mind-blowing ways.

I leant into a new way of being in my relationships that resulted in my partner being more considerate and thoughtful and in me setting boundaries in a way that felt comfortable and also boosted my confidence. 

It was the beginning of the love life I had always dreamt of!

The love you crave doesn't require you to sacrifice yourself, exhaust yourself or parent your partner. The love you crave is available and waiting for you. You are ready for it and your time is now!

here's a glimpse into your future...

  • Your partner respects and values you.
  • You feel appreciated and loved.
  • You feel confident and great about yourself.
  • You feel proud of the relationship you're in.
  • You feel confident and unstoppable.


Not only is all of this possible for you, but it will happen extremely quickly if you implement the solution I have created to get you there 50 times faster.


8 Powerful Mindset Shifts That Leave You Feeling Confident, Respected, Secure, Appreciated & Loved in Your Relationship

Empowered in Love is everything you need to:

  • Create the loving relationship you actually want to be in
  • Get the love and appreciation you want from your partner
  • Motivate your partner to pitch in and make an effort or attract one that does
  • Express yourself openly and freely to feel confident and deeply connected
  • Feel relaxed, light, unburdened and open to enjoy your love life


Let me show you how 8 simple yet highly effective and powerful mindset shifts can transform your relationship while leaving you feeling more energised, joyful and confident without feeling mean or selfish.

Module one

Free Your Mind

Learn how you can empower yourself in your relationship, feel heard and seen and express yourself without bottling up your feelings or hiding your preferences.

  • Never question whether you're being unreasonable when it comes to wanting something that's good for you ever again
  • Get crystal-clear on what you want and no longer willing to accept and make it happen the effortless way
  • Unburden yourself from love-related beliefs that have trapped you in unhealthy relationships 

Module two

Feeling worthy of love

Learn how to step into worthiness mode so you never feel like you have to beg or work for connection, kindness or love.

  • Discover the 'worthiness secret' and never feel like you have to earn your partner's love or respect ever again
  • Begin to feel worthy of being heard, getting attention and having your needs considered in your relationship 

Module three

feeling supported

This module is all about realising that you must matter in your relationship and that it's healthy for you, your partner and the relationship to have a voice and stand in your power.

  • Learn how to matter without feeling guilty or selfish so you can take care of yourself and others while feeling calm, confident and energised
  • Let go of people who take advantage of your kindness and generosity without feeling bad about it 

Module four

feeling wildly alive

It's time to let go of anything (or anyone!) that drains you so that you have the time and energy to feel joyful, alive and excited about your own life! Your rescuing days are well and truly over! 

  • Ditch feeling responsible for making your partner happy and instead create a healthy balance they feel empowered by
  • Allow yourself to feel happy and free to be you so you can finally unleash your desires and have lots of fun experiences 

Module five

happy & in love

Learn how to be in a relationship AND stay happy in the most profound yet easy to implement way possible

  • Balance being true to yourself and asking for what you want with also respecting your partner's wishes
  • Assert yourself without feeling guilty while becoming hugely attractive to a healthy partner
  • Learn the most fundamental communication technique that is guaranteed to bring you lots of happiness in love and life

Module six

creating honest bonds

Discover how honest self-expression will strengthen the bond you have with your partner, allow you to relax more into the relationship, feel more secure and loved than ever before.

  • Use the secret of emotional sharing to bond with your partner and elicit respect, compassion and caring
  • Learn to master your emotions and let your feelings reignite the spark

Module seven

feeling deeply connected

Learn how to create deep and lasting emotional connection that effortlessly leads to mind-blowing intimacy and passion.

  • Discover the secret to feeling seen in your relationship
  • Feel like you're part of a team that will never let you down
  • Enter a deep state of trust and connection that leaves you feeling calm, supported and secure

Module eight

empowering your partner

Halve your work- and worry load by learning how to get your partner take action and feel more in charge of their own wellbeing.

  • Let go of feeling excessively responsible for your partner
  • Discover a healthy and truly empowering way to support your partner without feeling drained yourself

Module nine

showing up with confidence

Grow naturally in confidence when you act from a place of self-empowerment and boost your self-esteem which will positively affect your relationships.

  • Find out how to get others to respect you, value you and treat you with kindness without being manipulative
  • Unleash your new-found confidence and have fun with it

Module ten

overcoming mindset blocks

Find out how to overcome resistance or mindset blocks that make it harder for you to stay empowered the easy way

  • Free yourself from toxic guilt
  • Let go of misplaced loyalty
  • Unburden yourself from excessive responsibility

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The 'Signs of Codependent Relationships' Guide

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Create your customised anti-anxiety strategy that allows you to step it up and show up as your empowered self even if anxiety should arise.

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You can even keep all of my bonuses as my gift to you for trying out 'Empowered in Love'.

"It's made my relationship a million times better"

Marlena helped me see why I struggled in my relationship. For example, I thought that I needed to be supportive of my partner no matter how he behaved and so he got away with really horrible behaviour. There were so many things I believed that stopped me from having a healthy relationship - I just couldn't see it then. 

Now that I have developed a healthy relationship mindset and feel more empowered than ever before. I am kind, respectful AND assertive. That's totally changed my relationship and made it a million times better!

Aimee, US

"I'm finally happy in love!"

I went from one relationship disaster to the next - at one point I actually thought I was cursed! After the end of a long-term relationship, I felt broken. I couldn't put myself through it all again and so I started working with Marlena. She helped me understand where I had been going wrong and gave me a completely new way of seeing things.

She actually taught me how to be healthy in relationships, how to think about it, what to look out for and how to really relax into it. It's changed everything for me and I am now for the first time ever happy in love! 

Lydia, UK

Are We A Good Fit?

Should you join Empowered in Love? Is it a right fit for you?

Let’s find out.


  • You are ready to improve your love life and self-esteem but need some solid strategies on how to make that happen
  • You are willing to look at your choices and your beliefs around what you deserve and feel worthy of
  • You want to feel more confident, empowered and secure but empty affirmations aren't your thing - you want to tackle the root cause once and for all
  • You are ready to take action and actually make change happen because you're so done with getting your heart broken

This is the perfect time in your life to heal and empower yourself in your relationships so you can finally feel appreciated, respected and loved. 

There's no more time to waste or excuses to make up when you can learn how to create a healthy relationship or improve your existing one in just 10 short but powerful masterclasses starting today. 


Here's What's Included In

  • 10 Masterclasses (Valued at $247 each)
  • 10+ Transformative Activities (Valued at $47 each)
  • Journalling Prompts (Valued at $147)
  • Unlimited Group Support (Valued at $495 per year)
  • Course Lifetime Access (lasting value)
  • 3 Bonuses (Valued at $291)

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