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Feel Vibrant and Alive, Create Deep Connection & Intimacy in Your Relationships and Live Your Life in Alignment with Your Authentic Needs, Desires & Feelings


You knew exactly what was going on for you so you could say and do what you needed to say and do to be and feel like the very best version of yourself and enjoy your life?

It was easy to set boundaries with others and they actually thanked you for it because you are helping them to please you and improve the relationship they have with you?

You felt like jumping out of bed every morning because you are just so excited about following your desires and achieving the goals you find meaningful, fun and fulfilling?

You experienced a lasting surge of vitality and sense of aliveness that led you to having lots of fun, going on new exciting adventures and achieving the success you've always known you could have.

You felt the emotional connection with your partner that you've always dreamt of, you felt safe and relaxed with them, the sex was incredible and you could keep the romance and passion going forever. 

You prioritised your wellbeing and made fulfilling soulmate connections with all kinds of people - lovers, friends, clients - because they find your energy and vibe just so attractive, endearing and irresistible. 

What if that was possible for you?

Based on past experiences, it might be hard to believe that this is possible for you BUT there are things you didn’t know before that you can learn now that will allow all of this to become your new reality.

I made it happen in my own life and I’ve helped hundreds of private clients to do the same.

And now it could be your turn ...

Marlena Tillhon MSc

I've always craved deep emotional connection ...

but I never managed to make it happen it in my romantic relationships.

I would try really hard to force it but my partners just weren't open to it and the more I pushed, the more they withdrew. I felt hurt, defeated and alone.

Eventually, I'd give up and stay in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship that lacked the connection I craved so much. 

Everything changed when I started to connect to myself.

At one point in my 30s, I realised that I was never going to get the connection I craved in the ways I was trying to get it. I was clearly doing something wrong! 

And so, I began to look at myself ... What did I want? How did I feel? How could I give myself all the things I was expecting from others? 

It was transformative! 

I began to experience love, joy, happiness and connection like never before. I attracted the most amazing people into my life and also managed to improve many existing relationships. I started to dream, have goals and achieve them from a place of excitement. I felt vibrant and alive! All of a sudden nothing seemed impossible anymore.

That's what life feels like when you are fully connected.


You simply cannot connect from a place of disconnection.

To feel connected to others and to your experience of life, you need to be connected to yourself, your feelings, your desires and needs. That is the only way you will ever know how to make healthy choices for yourself and reap the rewards of doing so. 

You know you are ready to live your life fully connected when

  • You want to jump out of bed each morning and feel vibrant, excited and alive. 

  • You want to feel safe, relaxed, light-hearted and truly liked in your relationships. 

  • You want to express yourself freely, feel heard and have others love you more for it.

  • You want to feel deeply connected to your partner and experience deep intimacy and passion.

  • You want to confidently make choices that are right for you and finally follow your dreams and goals.

  • You want to be wildly successful, feel empowered and more confident than ever before. 


Not only do I know that all of this is possible for you, I also know how to make it happen in the fastest and most transformative way possible!



The Powerful Signature Program that Helps You to Have the Most Fulfilling, Connected & Fun Relationship with Yourself and Others

'Fully Connected' is everything you need to:

  • Understand and master your feelings so that you feel safer, more relaxed and more connected in your relationships
  • Unlock the desires and depths within you that will lead the way to incredible success in love, life and business
  • Feel more in touch with yourself, know exactly what you want or need and become more intuitive so that you can easily make better choices for yourself
  • Develop a fun, easy and guilt-free self-care routine that leaves you feeling energised, excited and up for lots of fun and adventure
  • Feel relaxed, light, unburdened and open to enjoying your relationships, your career and your personal time


Discover the powerful yet easy-to-do practices that help you let go of the burdens of the past and open up to a new way of being, feeling and living today. Here's what we'll cover ...


Reconnect with Yourself

In the 'Reconnect with Yourself' challenge, you will learn the essential skills of connecting. Here's what you'll learn in this section:

  • Understand what it means to be connected to yourself and identify the connection blocks in your life that stop you from feeling connected and enjoying your life.
  • Learn the process of emotional connection so that you can connect and feel connected to yourself and others who are open and available for connection.
  • Get present and learn how to be there for yourself so that you’ll never feel alone or abandoned ever again.
  • Discover how to banish self-criticism and swap it for receiving and achieving more understanding, kindness and support.

Module one

Feel Your Feelings

Get fully connected to your feelings and learn to use them in a way that allows you to feel inspired, set boundaries, represent yourself and make healthy and aligned choices for yourself.

  • Learn how to identify your feelings and understand what they are trying to tell you so that you can make better and more authentic choices in your life.
  • Master your feelings by learning a simple yet powerful anchoring technique that helps you to tap into your soothe system so that you can feel calm, collected and confident any time you want to and never feel emotionally overwhelmed again.

Module two

Meet Your Needs

This module is all about getting to know yourself and your human needs at a deeper level that allows you to prioritise self-care guilt-free because it becomes a no-brainer for someone who has dreams and aspirations and wants to make them come true.

  • Discover how to take care of yourself in a way that feels easy, fun and guilt-free so that you are ready and excited to pursue your dreams, smash your goals and have energy to be there for others while feeling calm, fulfilled and confident within yourself.
  • Feel complete and supported without needing a perfect partner and so enter relationships from a place of openness, curiosity and fun instead of lack, desperation or need.

Module Three

Unleash Your Desires

In this module, you’ll reconnect with your innermost truth, reignite your inner spark and unleash your desires to actually create the life you’ve only dared to live in your dreams so far. We're making this happen now!

  • Figure out exactly what you want and banish not being clear or not knowing what you want from now until the rest of time.
  • Get really comfortable asking for what you want, getting it and feeling happy about it.
Relationship Course

Module Four

Dissolve Connection Blocks

Let go of everything that stops you from creating and experiencing the connection that will light up your (love) life without major effort.

  • Identify your connection blocks so that it becomes easy and practical to do something different that feels good, right and is perfectly aligned with the results you want to achieve. 
  • Step into fearless mode, let go of old insecurities and open up to living your life liberated and full of enthusiasm and excitement. 

Module Five

Take Empowered Action

Feel free, light, confident and have fun doing what your heart desires, free from the burdens of the past or the shoulds of years of conditioning. This is your time to take empowered action and make conscious choices that reflect who you really are and what you really want for yourself and from your life.

  • Never feel dependent, insecure or needy again in your relationship and instead step into your secure and confident self
  • Develop an interdependence that will allow you to feel close and connected to your partner while pursuing and achieving your individual goals, passions and dreams.

On top of all of that, you're also getting access to the following wonderful bonuses to take you to the finish line faster...

let's look at your bonus suite

Bonus Course

Discover the 4 Stepping Stones to Living Life Fully Connected. Achieve incredible results by practicing the simple yet powerful process of connecting to yourself and living from a place of integrity, alignment and joy. 

$497 value

Soothing Meditations by Marlena

Discover the tell-tale signs of codependency in relationships so you can escape this trap and make space for love, connection and joint happiness instead.

$97 value

The Instant Anxiety Relief Kit

Create your customised anti-anxiety strategy that allows you to step it up and show up as your empowered self even if anxiety should arise.

$97 value

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Here's What's Included

  • 20+ Masterclasses (Valued at $247 each)
  • 10+ Transformative Activities (Valued at $47 each)
  • Journalling Prompts (Valued at $147)
  • Empowering Group Support (Valued at $495 per year)
  • Course Lifetime Access (lasting value)
  • 3 Bonuses (Valued at $691)

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You’re protected by my 100% risk-free 7 day money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with my 'Empowered in Love' course after the first 7 days, I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Just send an email to [email protected] and I'll cancel your contract and refund your payment.

You can even keep all of my bonuses as my gift to you for trying out 'Empowered in Love'.

"I feel liberated!"

Marlena helped me to get back in touch with my feelings - not to feel embarrassed for them or call myself weak - and instead understand what they are trying to tell me. 

I've shed decades of guilt and putting myself last. I now ask myself what I want before making a decision and things are working out perfect for me!

My relationships with family and friends have actually gotten better despite me focusing more on myself. 

Paul, UK

"I finally feel whole."


I always tried to feel happy but I just didn't. I made my life look perfect though so no one guessed how alone and hopeless I felt. That all ended when I worked with Marlena.

She taught me how to connect to myself and use my feelings to show me what I needed to do next. Then, we did lots of fun exercises that completely changed the way I feel. I started to feel confident and strong. Like I was in charge.

I would have never thought that it was possible for me to feel so whole and complete, like there isn't anything wrong with me at all and I just know how to be happy now.' 

Cindy, US

Are We A Good Fit?

Should you join 'Fully Connected'? Is it the right fit for you?

Let’s find out.


  • You are ready heal old wounds, find your true self, and transform your life in unimaginably amazing ways.
  • You are willing to get to know yourself on a much deeper level, connect to your intuition and begin listening to yourself. 
  • You want to feel more confident, empowered and secure but empty affirmations aren't your thing - you want to tackle the root cause once and for all.
  • You are ready to take action and actually make change happen because you're so done with getting your heart broken or playing small
  • You commit to doing whatever it takes to help yourself feel better and achieve your goals.

This is the perfect time in your life to heal the relationship you have with yourself and to create lasting, loving connections.


We are focusing on just 3 areas that will change the way you feel about yourself and live your life.

You are ready to feel deeply, to feel connected and to feel in charge of your emotions so that nothing will stop you from doing things your way and making amazing things happen.

Goodbye guilt, anxiety and insecurity and a BIG HELLO to feeling connected, confident, worthy, happy, empowered and successful in love, life and business!


What if today was the day you decided to take back control over your life and gave yourself what you have always been looking for?


Here's What's Included In

  • 20+ Masterclasses (Valued at $247 each)
  • 10+ Transformative Activities (Valued at $47 each)
  • Journalling Prompts (Valued at $147)
  • Unlimited Group Support (Valued at $495 per year)
  • Course Lifetime Access (lasting value)
  • 3 Bonuses (Valued at $691)

Total Value $6743

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3 x Monthly Payments


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