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Manage Your Mood, Shift Your Energy & Raise Your Vibes To Unlock Your Next Level Success Goal

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Just Imagine How Fun & Easy It Could Be To Leap Right Into Your Next Level Goal 


You immediately have A LOT more motivation and enthusiasm to take aligned action that yields massively positive results in financial ways but also in terms of inner fulfilment.

You trust in the process and follow your intuition knowing that whatever it is that you want will most certainly come into existence.

You don't stress about the small stuff and instead protect and prioritise your peace of mind. You feel calm and in control.

People are attracted to you in all areas of life because who doesn't want what you've got? The happiness, the lightness, the creativity, the confidence, the high-vibe energy.

You play in the realm of abundance and see your sales increase and your bank account reflect that. The pride and sense of accomplishment is insane.

How on earth did you make all of that happen so quickly and so easily?

Is it even possible to have more more energy, more time and more money?

Oh yes! Oh yes, it is. It is once you know how to unleash your life force.

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You had enough energy for the people you loved while also achieving and surpassing your goals.

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You knew how to simply shift out of bad or low moods so you could still enjoy your day while being productive.

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You felt energised, in a good mood and high-vibe without having to drop any of your responsibilities and dreams.

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You didn’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself because you knew that you'd come out 5x as energised, focused and productive.

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You could tap into high vibe energy on demand so that you and everyone else loved being around you. 

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You could meet your responsibilities but also have time for fun, adventure and new opportunities.


"I still can't believe that just a few months ago I had no energy to even leave my house and now I am travelling the world feeling calm and confident!"

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Hello I'm Marlena & That's Exactly What I Did!

I was severely depressed until I was 24 years old. I spent my childhood and youth in bed.

When I got pregnant aged 24, I promised myself that I wouldn’t waste another day in bed and I started to fight against my depression - successfully.

However, I continued to experience low moods and mood swings.

As I had my children and my responsibilities grew, so did my low moods. However, I didn’t think that I had the time to tend to myself. My 3 littles ones needed me more.

Fast forward to my early 30s and being in the midst of my healing journey, I discovered new ways of thinking and being, which helped me to figure out how I could shift out of my moods.

Up until that point, I always felt that once I was in a bad mood - or heaven forbid, I woke up in one - I couldn’t get rid of it until I slept and then had to hope that it would shift during the night. I simply didn’t believe that there was anything I could about it.

How wrong I was ...

Today I teach my clients exactly how to manage, stabilise and enhance their moods, how to shift their energy and raise their vibes.

 As A Result, They Get To Experience This: 

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Consistent Speaking Engagements

Zara now knows how to manage her mind and her mood which helps her feel in charge of her life and say YES to speaking engagements that she previously had said no to because she was afraid that on the day she wouldn't be up delivering due to her low mood.

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5-Hour Work Days & Scaling

Brian was taught to hustle and push through any resistance in order to achieve success but he was burning out and ready to pack it all in. Learning how to protect his energy helped him to ditch his 10-hour work days, employ excellent support staff and finally scale his business while increasing profit.  

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5-Fig Business in Just 3 Months

Kerry was stuck in her home with crippling anxiety but once she learnt how to shift and redirect her energy, she felt like she came back to life, truly enjoyed herself, did some travelling within weeks of us working together and is also starting her own event-planning business.

How Did They Do It?

They followed my proven self-mastery methods that I am now proudly sharing with you!

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Unleash Your Life Force

Unlock your next level success and income goal by managing your mood, shifting your energy and raising your vibes - the ultimate inner transformation for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals.

You're invited to join the 3-week LIVE high-vibe experience that is 'Life Force'.

You. Me. Other like-minded humans. All pursuing their big dreams. All making it happen. All talented and gifted in their own unique ways. All unwavering about fulfilling their potential.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will help you to discover all the ways in which you can protect and shift your energy, manage your moods and raise your vibration for extraordinarily delicious goal achievement and aligned manifestation.

Just a word of warning: THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!

It's rooted in a powerful blend of psychology, neuroscience, strategy and energetics.

Best of all: it works in the real world for busy people like mompreneurs with lots of different responsibilities and passions.

Learn from a wildly creative manifesting generator, mum of 4, 2-times business owner how to shift your energy so that unlocking your dreams and goals becomes fun, simple and easy!

Join Here!


Manage Your Mood

We will focus on developing mind-mastery skills that allow you to take charge of your moods and develop your own personalised mood-shifting practice.

✔️ Take charge of what's going on in your mind, unlock a laser-sharp focus that allows you to achieve and enjoy at the highest level and shift out of bad or low moods in powerful ways.

✔️ Discover a new level of cool, calm and composed so that you firmly stand in your authority, represent yourself confidently and set boundaries with ease.

✔️ Let go of thought-induced pressure, overwhelm and perfectionism, be more creative and productive and progress faster than ever before while feeling great about yourself.

✔️ Exchange feeling nervous or anxious for feeling excited and motivated so that it’s easy for you to open up to new opportunities and adventures that enrich your life and business.

✔️ Save time and energy by being more decisive now that your mood doesn’t cloud your vision, clarity and creativity. 

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Take your level of self-awareness to the next level and understand the subtle energy shifts that alert you to unconscious mindset blocks, toxic patterns, unmet needs or suppressed boundary violations - and learn what to do about it!

✔️ Learn what to say NO and what to say YES to without feeling guilty so that you have the energy you need to achieve your next level success and income goal.

✔️ Achieve your success goal faster by creating energy- and wealth-boosting practices that simplify your daily life so that your energy goes into making progress fast. 

✔️ Protect your energy by letting go of what doesn’t work for you while introducing more of what does and thereby shifting into receiving mode.

✔️ Balance your feminine and masculine energies without going from one extreme coping strategy to the other and thereby draining your energy by having a dysregulated nervous system.

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When you have big dreams you want to manifest and big goals you want to achieve, you need to know how to tap into the high-vibe frequency this requires.

✔️ Discover the deep inner healing practices that help you clear any subconscious energy blocks in a way that makes sense and leaves you feeling in control. 

✔️ Unlock a new level of confidence that allows you to trust more easily, feel excited about what's to come and discover the next layer of abundance and wealth.

✔️ Shake up your routines and rethink your responsibilities by prioritising a new high-vibe/ high-mood way of living, loving, creating and being.

✔️ Create your very own instruction manual for raising your vibes, mastering your mind, mood and energy and feeling truly supported and ready to achieve at your next level.

There's Nothing More Beautiful Than To Feel Fully Alive, Lit Up & To Be Dancing With Your Potential.

I'm Absolutely Ready To Unleash My Life Force & Unlock My Next Level Success Goal

Self-Mastery Through Managing Your Mood, Shifting Your Energy & Raising Your Vibes 


The 3-Week LIVE Experience for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches and professionals who want it all: happy family times, me-time, success, high income, a sexy lifestyle, fun, energy, wellbeing, freedom and happiness. You know it's yours for the taking and you're here for it.

3 weeks of live interactions + 9 trainings lasting between 10-20 mins + live Q&A sessions in our Facebook group + community support + lifetime course access (Full Price $1111)

Special Introductory Offer Today Only $333

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Why I'm PERFECT to Guide You To Unleashing Your Life Force

🤍 You want to learn from someone who has and is actually practicing and embodying everything she teaches in her own (super-busy!) life ► I'm walking the walk!

🤍 You are ready for a big improvement in your life - internally and externally - so that you're in the right frame of mind to achieve your next level success and income goal  I'm all about big and lasting transformations!

🤍 You want to a real-life transformation and not just some superficial and temporary sticky plaster nonsense that's full of woo-woo concepts and results in nothing tangible  I address root causes and patterns - there's nothing superficial about me or my work!

🤍 You only want to learn something that also works for busy people with modern lives and real-life responsibilities. You don't have 4 hours a day to meditate your way to next level success, right?! ►Neither do I ... I need stuff that works in as little time and with as little effort as possible ;-)

🤍 You want to connect with others who don't want their moods or low energy stop them from pursuing their big dreams ► I'm all about empowering and supportive connection in all areas of life.

Life Force Is PERFECT For You If ...

⭐️ you experience bad moods, anxiety or low energy and want to learn how to take back control in a way that’s healing, compassionate and empowering but actually works.

⭐️ you want to retrain your brain, learn how to tend to your needs and set boundaries around your wellbeing, time and energy.

⭐️ you want to understand yourself at a deeper level so that you can choose more aligned strategies for you that unlock your next level success goals.

Life Force Is NOT For You If ... 

❌ you want paper-based time-planning tools, excel spreadsheets or rigid routines

❌ you want 2-hour long masterclass trainings 3 times a week

 you want to unlock your next level success and income goal using visualisations, candles and crystals only




Marlena Tillhon Testimonials
I'm Ready To Unleash My Life Force

"My money worries used to mess with my energy and kept me stuck. Marlena's mind mastery method helped me to go from 0 to 10k in just 4 months."

I'm Absolutely Ready To Unleash My Life Force & Unlock My Next Level Success Goal

Self-Mastery Through Managing Your Mood, Shifting Your Energy & Raising Your Vibes  

Special Introductory Offer Today Only $333 

3 weeks of live interactions + 9 trainings lasting between 10-20 mins + live Q&A sessions in our Facebook group + community support + lifetime course access (Full Price $1111)

YES! Unleash My Life Force