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Create A Conscious Relationship Full Of Love, Light & Laughter While Healing At The Deepest Level

Your relationships matter to you. A LOT.

They should be the greatest source of joy for you but for some reason they just aren't.

No matter how many times you try to express yourself. No matter how many times you talk to work it out. No matter how many times you try to brush it all under the carpet.

Nothing changes. Nothing gets better. And you feel close to breaking point.

I get it. I've been there.

And what I remember needing to hear the most is this:

You can get the love you need. I promise you that you can. 

But not like this.

There is another way. A better way. A way that doesn't hurt you more.

It's a way that heals.

And it's especially perfect for you if you can relate to at least one of the following ...

Can You Relate To Any Of These?

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You want to break unhealthy relationship patterns and habits so that you can finally attract a loving, secure partner to co-create a healthy relationship with that’s full of romance, fun and love. 

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You want to give your relationship one last shot and so want to go all in on trying to figure out what’s going wrong and what needs to be changed so that you can fall back in love and avoid breaking up. 

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You want to go from feeling anxious and insecure or shut down and detached in your relationships to feeling secure, calm, confident and relaxed and able to speak your mind.

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You want to learn how to connect more deeply, create mutually enjoyable and fulfilling relationships that allow you to experience deep, soul-nourishing intimacy. 

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You want to create the most evolved type of relationship that allows you to heal at the deepest level, feel safe and trust your partner fully, and make your own life dreams and success goals come true.

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You want to learn the exact steps and skills necessary to create a relationship in which you feel supported, appreciated, wanted and loved without having to hustle for it or lose yourself in in. 

(OR you have decided that your string of toxic relationships has to end  and you want to learn how to avoid ever finding yourself in that situation again.)

If so, you're NOT alone ... I used to relate to all of that!

Hi I'm Marlena

and I see our relationships as the foundation that gives us wings to fly.

When I was in unhealthy relationships, I didn’t have the energy to pursue my dreams. I was scared. I felt small. I felt completely insignificant and alone. My self-esteem was non-existent. I felt like I was just going through the motions.

But I knew that not everyone experienced their relationship in this kind of way. I had plenty of friends who were happy with their partners. They had fun together. They travelled. They created amazing careers and eventually they started families.

So why wasn’t it like that for me? 

Marlena Tillhon Soul-Aligned Success Coach

What I wish I'd known ...

Today I know that there were 3 main factors that contributed to my relationship problems and my feelings of loneliness, disconnection and powerlessness.

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I struggled with codependency. I believed that my partner was going to make me happy if I proved my worth to him. I gave too much while I neglected myself. I felt burnt out, unwanted and bad about myself. Being too easy-going attracted partners who couldn't be bothered to make an effort for me.

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I had unhealed trauma. This made me think and behave in ways that were never going to result in the happy, harmonious and supportive relationship I was craving. I felt insecure, always on edge and highly defensive which led to countless arguments and unnecessary drama.

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I didn’t have healthy relationship and communication skills. These are needed to create real connection and deep intimacy that makes a relationship affair-proof, fun and mutually satisfying. I now know that back then I tried to build my relationship with an empty toolbox!

After a decade of working as a psychotherapist, relationship coach and codependency expert, I know EXACTLY what is required to create healthy, loving and fun relationships that last and support your dreams and ambitions.

I also know how to eliminate toxic relationship patterns and save your relationship.

I cannot wait to share more with you! 

Are You Ready For This?

I want to show you what's possible for you! 


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Know exactly what is and what isn't healthy or working and what to do about your current relationship problems.

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Learn the skills needed to create a relationship that works for you AND your partner and that you both enjoy being in.

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Feel safe, held and seen by your partner and co-create the emotional closeness and intimacy you have been craving all your life.

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Let your relationship feel fun, light and exciting. Have adventures together and feel like your relationship provides you with opportunities to live more! 

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Feel deeply supported and appreciated by your partner so that it's easy for you to pursue your dreams and create a life you feel proud of.

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Experience romance and passionate sex no matter how long you've been together because you are mastering next level relational skills that allow you to make love last.


If so, my Signature Experience is the PERFECT solution for you. 

Introducing ...

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The Epic Love (R)Evolution is a 3-month long LIVE experience with personal expert support in which you learn how to apply the elements of the Epic Love method in your life to let go of past heartbreak and current relationship struggles, learn vital relationship skills and become your most empowered and attractive self.

You will make sense of your relationship patterns and problems, learn to resolve and let go of them while also experiencing inner healing and energetic upgrades that call in deeper connections, more fun, lightness, love and greater intimacy.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this high-level expert support and hands-on experience will transform all of your relationships, change the way you see yourself forever (and for the better!) and uplevel your love life in ways you never thought possible.

Create Healthy Relationships - Program with an Expert Relationship Coach


☑️ 12 LIVE Sessions that provide you with personalised support so that you can integrate and implement what you are learning and see real change happen (valued at $777 each)

☑️ Exclusive Masterclasses teaching you the Epic Love elements, core skills and energy upgrades needed create loving and healthy relationships (valued at $675 each) 

☑️ Daily Support from Monday - Friday to ensure you progress faster, heal more deeply and develop the perfect Epic Love journey for you (valued at $2331)

☑️ Journal Prompts to gain clarity, heal at a deep level and accelerate your transformation (valued at $295)

☑️ The Epic Love Community for empowering live interactions, enhanced accountability and personalised support (valued at $2222 per year)

☑️ Access To Course Materials beyond the 12 weeks of live participation so you can rewatch and integrate the new practices and skills more deeply

☑️ Surprise Bonuses (valued at $2777) more info below ... this is going to be so much fun! You're about to dream bigger!

 Total Value $25260 

Special Introductory Offer Today $1111


How we'll make some magic happen ... 


Creating Connection Consciously

Without knowing how to intentionally create connection with your partner, your relationship can quickly grow stale, boring and unfulfilling. You'll end up spending time together by sitting on your phones next to each other and barely saying a word to each other instead of connecting on the deep and meaningful level you long for.

In this module, you will learn

  • the secrets and practical strategies of creating connection that bonds, deepens trust and increases intimacy.
  • the 3 most important elements to focus on to ensure you are part of the same team, feel like you belong to each other and have lots of fun together.
  • how to make your relationship affair-proof and rock-solid.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program


Being 'The One'

Find ‘The One’ by looking in the right direction! This is how you become irresistible and attractive while feeling great about yourself. 

In this module, you will learn exactly what is required to attract a new soul-aligned partner or transform your current relationship so that

  • you feel comfortable and confident to ask for what you want and need and to get it without feeling awkward or guilty.
  • you feel deeply supported in everything you do and have the energy and self-belief to create a life and career that’s inspiring and meaningful to you.
  • you get the romance, passion, intimacy and sex you’ve always craved.
  • you feel seen, heard and loved for who you are.

Outgrowing Codependency

The time of people-pleasing, over-giving and trying to earn your partner’s love, respect and approval while running on empty is over!

Discover the most potent tools for outgrowing any codependent traits or habits once and for all so that you no longer feel like you’re suffocating in your relationships. 

  • Identify any codependent traits or habits that wreck your relationships and lead to a lot of unnecessary stress, drama and heartache.
  • Get comfortable spending time by yourself, to re-charge, get centred and create space for you to heal, grow and blossom into your most desirable self.
  • Create a healthy balance between happy times together and soul-nourishing times apart so that you maximise your enjoyment of life in all areas.
  • Develop a new type of closeness that feels comfortable, safe and supportive so that you can both relax into the relationship and create an amazing life together.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program

Being Empowered in Love

Never lower yourself or prioritise another adult's wellbeing to yours which only creates a very uneven dynamic that leaves you feeling powerless, unwanted and insignificant.

Knowing how to avoid and get out of toxic dynamics is crucial for making love last. This module will teach you how to 

  • stop the blame-game and feeling like your partner never listens to you and doesn’t care.
  • break up arguments that go on and on without ever being resolved and just increase the distance between you.
  • take an empowered position in your relationship and become a power couple creating a wonderful life together that’s envied by all.

Bonding Through Open Communication

Contrary to popular belief, setting boundaries and communicating openly actually helps us to create our dream relationship.

In this module, I will show you exactly how you can use boundaries in a way that deepens trust, connection and intimacy - free from guilt or anxiety!

  • Feel safe and comfortable sharing how you feel with your partner without it escalating into an argument.
  • Make having conversations part of your family routine so they start to feel easy and stress-free.
  • Learn the most effective communication technique that allows you to express yourself (your feelings, wants and needs) fully and freely while feeling heard, validated and reassured by your partner.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program

Finding The Perfect Balance

A lot of relationship problems stems from an inability to balance out differences and find win-win solutions.

This module puts an end to that and equips you with ground-breaking strategies that help you to create a more harmonious and less fractious balance in your relationship.

  • Learn the powerful mindset shift that helps you to eliminate unnecessary tension and conflict should you be polar opposites but want to make your relationship work.
  • End toxic behaviours and patterns by unlocking the healthy balance between loving masculine and feminine energies.
  • Discover the important ‘win-win’ practices that help you to avoid arguments and break-ups if you have differing needs when it comes to spending time together and spending time apart.
  • Find out what to do when one partner feels either ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ for the other partner.

Repairing Relationship Ruptures

Conflict is natural. It only becomes a problem when we don’t understand why it exists and what to do about it.

This module will help you to represent yourself honestly and assertively, fight fair and repair the ruptures that occur when we disagree, argue and fight.

  • Identify any unhealthy cycles of recurring arguments that make you avoid tricky conversations, sweep things under the carpet and build up resentments that eventually lead to avoiding each other.
  • Discover the simple process of fighting fair that leaves you feeling seen, heard and closer to each other.
  • Learn how to avoid getting unnecessary triggered and keeping your emotions in check so that arguments don’t escalate and lead to things you later wish you’d never said.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program

Unlocking Mind-Blowing Sex & Intimacy

Discover the vital elements needed for a fun, mutually satisfying and enjoyable sex life and relationship full of soul-nourishing intimacy.

  • Discover the daily habits that make you want to distance yourself from your partner and zap your sex drive.
  • Learn how you can both open up more and experience the next level of emotional connection and intimacy.
  • Become more daring and curious when it comes to your joint bedroom activities.
  • Break the habit of sexual jealousy once and for all and make your relationship the best you’ve ever had.
  • Find out how you can navigate different levels of sexual desire ... what do to when one partner wants more sex than the other.


I am including an ever-growing list of bonuses that will blow your mind and help you to create your dream relationship.

Save your relationship course

Toxic No More

Access the 3 module course all about identifying toxic relationship behaviours, breaking free from them and ending your unhealthy relationship patterns for good.

(valued at $999)

The Relationship Reality Check

Learn how to identify the unloving habits that slowly wreck your relationship and how you can nip them in the bud before it's too late.

(valued at $777)

Unhealthy relationships course

Manifest Your Relationship Vision

Creating your relationship vision is going to transform your love life! For the first time ever, you will know exactly what you are aiming for which makes saying yes and no incredibly easy and guilt-free. You need to know what you want and be specific about it so you can make it happen!

(valued at $333)

Unhealthy relationships course

NEW: 2023 Masterclass Bundle

Receive this year's most successful masterclasses so far and learn how to create equal and balanced relationships in which you matter too and how to bring fun, lightness and love back into your relationship. Plus, experience the ultimate energetic upgrade by getting into alignment with the Energy of Love.

(valued at $333)


It's Time For You To Get The Love You Need

~ Revolutionise Your Relationships & Transform Your Love Life ~

Learn the expert secrets of how to create healthy relationships full of lightness, laughter and love. It's time to feel good together and to create a relationship you feel proud of!

Your Epic Love (R)Evolution


Special Offer: Pay-in-Full

12 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • Weekly Masterclasses and Q&As
  • 12 weeks of LIVE support for a customised experience
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing 



Pay in 12 Weekly Instalments

12 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • Weekly Masterclasses and Q&As
  • 12 weeks of LIVE support for a customised experience
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing
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“Working with Marlena has been life-changing. I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was, I've got to be honest. She has a very different way with people and makes you feel at ease. She gives you a new way of looking at things and understanding yourself. I really thought I was a bit crazy but Marlena has helped me make sense of what was going on for me and guided me towards what she calls my next level. It was really great and I highly recommend working with her.”


Marlena Tillhon Self-Love Coach

This isn't just my profession and passion - all of this comes from personal experience!

Everything I teach and share with you comes as a direct result of my inner healing journey, my professional knowledge and my work in my personal relationships.

It's real-life stuff that works! 

I've seen it all. I've heard it all. I've also experienced a lot of it myself.

The incessant arguments. Being blamed and turned into a scapegoat. The hurtful comments. Being criticised, shouted at and put down. Feeling humiliated and unloved. Being sexually rejected. Having my emotional needs ridiculed and invalidated. Being ghosted and dismissed. Getting hit and hurt. And so much more ...

There's nothing we cannot heal and I am living proof of that.

Today I want to share everything I know and embody in my relationship so that you can also heal and relax into feeling wanted and loved in your relationship. Even if your partner isn't on board yet.

It's time for you to feel safe and calm, to let go of this sense of impending doom, the constant anxiety, the fear of being abandoned. You just want to breathe and be rid of the pressure, the fear, the frustration, the deep and painful sadness of it all.

I want to reassure you that all of this is possible for you. Together, we can turn things around quickly.

I am here to help you and all you've got to say is yes.

To yourself. To your relationship. To your love life. To your future. To your Epic Love (R)Evolution.

With Love, Marlena

Marlena Tillhon Self-Love Coach


  • You are done with feeling unhappy and miserable in your relationship and want to break unhealthy relationship patterns for good to give yourself the best chance of experiencing what it’s like to feel wanted, supported and loved.
  • You are willing to take back control and implement changes in your relationship that will show you whether you can save it or not - either way, you will know what to do and have certainty around your next steps. 
  • You have a history of being in unhealthy relationships or had traumatic experiences in your childhood that now show up in your adult relationships and ruin your chance of being happy and feeling safe with others.
  • You are all-in, committed and determined to figure out how you can let go of everything that holds you back from having the love life you want to have.

This is NOT for you if ...

  • you are in a violent relationship right now.
  • you are being financially controlled.
  • you live with an unpredictable and unsafe person who could threaten your life.
  • you are unwilling to make changes or take action.
  • you want someone to rescue you from your problems.

If any of these apply to you, I encourage you to seek 1-1 support and contact local support agencies or charities.

It's Time For You To Get The Love You Need

~ Revolutionise Your Relationships & Transform Your Love Life ~

Learn the expert secrets of how to create healthy relationships full of lightness, laughter and love. It's time to feel good together and to create a relationship you feel proud of!

Your Epic Love (R)Evolution


Special Offer: Pay-in-Full

12 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • Weekly Masterclasses and Q&As
  • 12 weeks of LIVE support for a customised experience
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing 



Pay in 12 Weekly Instalments

12 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • Weekly Masterclasses and Q&As
  • 12 weeks of LIVE support for a customised experience
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Special Treatment!

~ Work with me 1-1 in the VIP Experience ~

Include 8 sessions lasting 45 minutes each to accelerate your progress, devise your customised Epic Love strategy & solve the relationship riddles you never quite understood before for ultimate success in all of your relationships!

VIP Epic Love (R)Evolution


Special Pricing: Pay-in-Full

12 Weeks to Relationship Security & Success

  • 8 one-to-one sessions via video call that provide you with in-depth support and an exceptional healing experience
  • 3 half-days of Voxer support per week
  • Access to all Epic Love Masterclasses and Bonuses
  • 12 weeks of LIVE support and group Q&As
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing 


Put yourself in charge of your love life, learn all the skills needed to create beautiful and soul-nourishing relationships and grow into the woman that is ready to receive love while feeling confident and great about herself.

This experience may be for 8 weeks but the transformation will last a lifetime and impact everyone around you positively.

That is love.

Say YES to this journey of a lifetime!