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Never Lose Yourself In A Relationship Ever Again!

It's time for you to finally enjoy being in a relationship in which you get to matter too without feeling guilty or selfish for it.

When you've been in an unhealthy relationship, you know how easy it is to lose yourself in it and do whatever it takes trying to fix it - while feeling less and less in love and more and more drained by it all.

Discover the 5 practices to become more secure and confidentĀ to avoid ever losing yourself in a relationship again.

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Here's What You'll Learn

  • Why you lose yourself in relationships and what the warning signs are that you need to look out for
  • How to make yourself matter in your relationship while fully loving your partner without feeling selfish
  • How to feel truly wanted by your partner while feeling confident in your own right
  • How to feel more secure, be more assertive and become irresistibly attractive to the right kinds of peopleĀ 
  • How to choose your relationship from a place of love and not stay in it due to abandonment fears
  • How to shift out of codependency and create a more balanced and mutually enjoyable and beneficial relationshipĀ 

This Is PERFECT For You If

  • You love self-discovery, self-development and personal growth.
  • You are passionate about your inner healing journey.
  • You have big relationship, life and career dreams and goals you want to make happen now.
  • You want to create an amazing life for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You want to free yourself from any lingering triggers or unhealed trauma.
  • You want to go deep and address root causes instead of wasting time on superficial 'quick-fixes' that don't work.

Thank you Marlena. I have grown so much emotionally these past few days. I've never shared so much and I'm no longer going to internalise so much. You and each person in this group have been amazingly supportive. Today I choose me!

Loved this masterclass! It was so relevant and just what I need right now. Thank you so much, Marlena!

So happy with this unexpected outcome! I have opened up to new experiences I've never done or avoided because I didn't have to ask anyone of it was ok or if it seemed weird. Thanks so much Marlena for this incredible new outlook on life through engaging. 

Hello I'm Marlena

I'm a relationship expert, self-actualisation coach and highly experienced psychotherapist specialising in healing trauma and breaking through patterns of self-sabotage in your relationship or career.

I help my ambitious and high-achieving clients free themselves from the unhelpful and unhealthy patterns that hold them back and achieve a new level of self-mastery that feels them with confidence, self-belief and a deep sense of meaning and fulfilment.

For me, the inner transformation allows the external success to unfold more effortlessly than anything else. I have seen (and experienced!) this time and time again.

I feel called to teach people with big dreams how they can create and receive everything they want simply by doing their inner healing work, mastering their psychology and getting into energetic alignment with their greatest desires.