Soul-Aligned Success Activation

A transformative 8-week 1-1 experience helping ambitious high-achievers banish self-doubt, take purposeful and intentional breakthrough steps with confidence and energetically expand to fully step into next-level success in business, love & life

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There comes a point in every ambitious high-achiever’s life when you feel stuck and frustrated and nothing that previously worked works now. And it’s FRUSTRATING!

You try everything you can think of, you learn something new and add that to the mix, you even get some outside support and still … nothing is shifting, nothing is changing and you are just not feeling it anymore.


You’ve done it before and you want to do it again.

You want to ditch the self-doubt and feel fully confident again so that every time you look into the mirror you’re looking at someone who knows that they are going to make it happen and find it easy to stay high-vibe because of this deeper, unwavering knowing.

You want to trust and follow your intuition and not let your mind (or other people’s opinions!) talk you out of doing things your way, knowing that that’s what’s best for you and what magnetises the right kind of people into your life.

You want to just have fun working towards making your dreams a reality without over-thinking, over-planning and over-preparing in the pursuit of a very specific goal that simply stresses you out no end.

You want there to be creative freedom to discover doing things your way while yielding mind-blowing results like ...

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standing in your truth and sharing a message that resonates so deeply that people are magnetically drawn to you and become your biggest supporters

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being fully booked with soulmate clients, loving your work and hitting your next income goal every month with ease while getting ready to scale and take it all to the next level 

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feeling inspired and energised to create the most powerful, fun and transformative programs and services that are in perfect alignment and easy to complete and offer

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improving all of your relationships because you feel truly secure within yourself, understand yourself at the deepest level possible and feel worthy of experiencing real love

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moving into your dream home and waking up every morning not believing that you get to wake up in a house this magnificent and wondering how life could possibly get any better

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watching your bank balance and inner fulfilment expand at the same exponential level as you expand in your personal evolution and healing journey feeling free, excited and determined

And all of that (and more!!!) is definitely possible for you!

Marlena Tillhon Soul-Aligned Success Coach


and what I know from working with hundreds of highly successful and ambitious clients is that you put a lot of effort into being the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

You’ve overcome struggles and challenges. You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs. You’ve already done some inner healing and lots of personal development.

And you know that there’s always more. There’s always the next level. There is always more depth to discover and explore.

You know that you’re your most powerful tool in creating the success, life and relationships you want to have and enjoy in your life.

And so you’re willing to do what it takes but you’re done with wasting money, energy and time on doing things that just don’t work, at least not in the long-term.


I’m the same. I hate waste and what I do and apply in my own life also needs to make sense to me. I don’t follow anyone or anything blindly. It needs to work for me and I need to get it. As do my clients.

I have had countless experiences in which I’ve explained something to a client that they have heard hundreds of times before but the way I shared it helped them to finally get it, understand the reasoning behind it all and then apply it willingly. I just helped their brain ditch the resistance that comes up when something just doesn’t make practical sense.

Perspective shifts alone are highly valuable and powerful. But that’s only the beginning of the transformative work I do with my clients …


Marlena Tillhon Soul-Aligned Success Coach


I help you discover and dissolve the unconscious patterns that sabotage your success in love, life & business and stop you in your tracks because it just doesn't feel safe to go against the rules and roles of the past.

I find that when something doesn't make sense it's because you don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. I'm an expert at finding them and piecing them all together so that you begin to make sense to yourself. And that's not only very exciting and empowering, it's also deeply soothing. 

The doubt dissolves, the anxiety fades away and the worries are replaced by excited thoughts.

You'll get to know yourself on the deepest level possible and finally unlock your unique activation moves that allow you to take action from a place of excitement, confidence and clarity.

Attracting your soulmate, landing the new job, getting fully booked with coaching clients or having consistent 6 figure months will be a natural consequence of your inner transformation.  



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This is the ultimate deep transformation experience that is customised to suit your needs and align with your deepest values, gifts, purpose and desires.

For 8 weeks, we will work together to clearly identify the root cause of what stops you from making your success dream a reality. 

You will update any old patterns that keep you stuck and stop you from receiving the success and love you deserve. You will fully step into worthiness mode and radiate a genuine and lasting confidence that makes you irresistibly attractive. You will feel increasingly excited and ready to jump out of bed each morning because of all the amazing things you are going to make happen.

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☑️ 8 one-to-one sessions lasting 45 minutes each (1 session per week)

☑️ Transformational Activities to complete between sessions

☑️ Lifetime access to the Epic Love & Success Private Support Community

☑️ Journaling Prompts to deepen your transformation


YES to Soul-Aligned Success!


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BONUS Voxer Support

We get to reconnect the week after our last session via Voxer for half a day (4 hours) to make sure that your progress is solid and continuing. 

(valued at $444)

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The 'Nourished' Course

Join my for 21 days to develop a fun yet powerful self-love habit that sticks and leaves you feeling nourished and energised to succeed.

(valued at $147)



Marlena Tillhon Self-Love & Success Coach

You don’t want to invest in yet another program or course to teach you a strategy that only works for some and where the outcome depends on so many factors outside of your control that it’s questionable whether you’re ever going to see a return-on-investment.

This is different.

The deeper work we are going to do stays with you forever. It transforms you instantly and it’s not something you can forget or unlearn. You won’t depend on me or anyone else for making it happen, maintaining it or taking it further.

You’ll be in charge and your investment will continue pay off long after our last session.

This is about deep, inner transformation that lasts and radiates outwards.

It touches everything else in your life and works its magic on your relationships, your career, your friendships, your business, your passion projects, your clients … everything and everyone in your life.

And so, whatever gifts you unlock, whatever unhelpful patterns you dissolve and whatever anxieties you’ll soothe, you’ll inspire and empower those around you to do the same.

So your investment isn’t even contained to you. It affects so many other areas of your life and touches so many other people close to you.

After all, we are here to raise our consciousness together so doing something good for you is doing something good for everyone.

That’s what I call the loving ripple effect of deep inner healing.

A lasting transformation that reaches far beyond your own heart.

Marlena Tillhon Soul-Aligned Success Coach
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“Working with Marlena has been life-changing. I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was, I've got to be honest. She has a very different way with people and makes you feel at ease. She gives you a new way of looking at things and understanding yourself. I really thought I was a bit crazy but Marlena has helped me make sense of what was going on for me and guided me towards what she calls my next level. It was really great and I highly recommend working with her.”

Get Ready For A Tangible Transformation

Yes, inner healing and personal growth are beautiful and powerful. It changes us in the most profound way.

AND we also want success while feeling deeply connected to our purpose.

Let's have a look at some of my clients' tangible results while working with me:

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⭐️ You are a great problem-solver who likes to be proactive and has a 'can-do' attitude.

⭐️ You want to reach a new level of personal development and expansion because you know how valuable it is.

⭐️ You are ready to dissolve some success blocks so that you can finally realise and receive what you desire the most.

⭐️ You are willing to be authentic and make aligned choices based on who you really are, not who you think you should be.

⭐️ You are ready to embody the most successful version of you, feel worthy of it and unleash a confidence that draws all the right people to you.

⭐️ You commit to stop playing small and empowering yourself instead even though that might feel uncomfortable at first. 

⭐️ You are ready to let go of outdated patterns, rules and roles to make space for new, next-level transformations.


Frequently Asked Questions

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“I had felt trapped in my marriage for many years and felt embarrassed about needing support with it. But Marlena put me at ease. She totally gets it and you can sense it. There is something very different that happens when talking to Marlena ... it calms you. It feels reassuring and somehow it changes you. All I can say is that my marriage is better now than ever but more importantly I feel amazing about myself and understand myself in a new way that makes sense." 



The time is right. You are ready. And I have found a method that just makes sense, is practical, simple and achieves lasting results. Why?
Because I know how human works, what we need to thrive and how to dissolve resistance and outdated patterns that keep us stuck. It always makes sense and while it feels magical it's really quite logical which is why your brain won't throw up any resistance to the magnificent changes you'll be making.
My practice is trauma-informed and I am a highly qualified healthcare professional who values continued development.

You'll Have Direct Access To My Expertise

⭐️ I'm a codependency and attachment expert.

⭐️ I use my Internal Focus Method to show my clients how to feel complete and at home within themselves.

⭐️ As a relationship coach, I help my clients transform their relationships with people, their business, their creativity, money ... but most importantly, themselves.  

⭐️ My work is transformation-focused and integrated within the Transtheoretical Model of Change.

⭐️ I'm am integrative psychotherapist with a speciality in trauma and empowered healing.

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⭐️ I address root causes and don't get side-tracked by symptoms which makes the transformation last.

⭐️ I teach emotional expansion and mind mastery skills that allow you to step into your potential.

⭐️ I have studied online business & marketing for the past 3 years so understand my clients' business problems first-hand.

⭐️ I help my clients discover their purpose (and message) with the Gene Keys and Human Design.

⭐️ I am Clinical Director at my psychotherapist practice and have managed up to 14 therapists.