Here are the many different ways in which we can work together in a 1-1 capacity:

Marlena Tillhon MSc - Relationship & Codependency Coach

Create Your Epic Love Relationship

The 5-Week Expert-Level Experience

Discover the root cause of your relationship problems and create an action plan that will take you from tension, conflict and break-up to feeling safe, loved and connected again.

Understand how to bring back the love, feel like you're part of the same team, feel supported and appreciated and committed to creating a fun and successful life together.

It's time to break an unhealthy relationship pattern or habit for good! let's do that together!

Get The Love You Need

Empowered Inner Healing To Create A Life You Love

8 weeks

You will experience a huge transformation when I show you how to use the relationship you have with yourself to achieve your success or love goals fast.

This is healing made practical!

Past clients have achieved the following and many other amazing results:

  • leaving a toxic relationship
  • creating a healthy Epic Love relationship
  • developing genuine self-confidence and making dating fun
  • getting a $282k income raise
  • simplifying their business structure and profiting over $500k
  • starting their own business after years of wishing they would
  • moving abroad and creating a life that's perfectly aligned with their innate gifts and deepest desires
  • going from $3k months to $14k months within 4 weeks

 What mind-blowing result are we going to get for you?

Let's Make It Happen!
Marlena Tillhon MSc - Confidence & High Performance Coach

Show Up Confidently To Attract Soulmate Clients & Connections

4 weeks


It's time for you to show up, shine your light, be seen and attract all the right kinds of people into your business and life.

Together, we break through trauma-based inhibitions and self-censoring habits and unleash a new level of visibility that feels safe but gets you seen and noticed for all the right reasons.

Your Time Is Now!
Marlena Tillhon MSc tualisation Coach & Soul-Aligned Success Mentor

Achieve Your Next Level Success Goal with Ease

8 weeks

Effective and customised one-to-one support to help you to:

  • shift out of self-doubt and confusion into clarity, confidence and knowing exactly what to do next
  • break through inner success blocks so that you can grow your business consistently
  • use aligned success strategies and energetic alignment to attract soulmate clients and love your work
Yes To Success Your Way
Marlena Tillhon MSc - Success Mentor & Mindset Coach

Make Money Doing What You Love & Feel Called To Do

4 weeks

'Monetise Your Genius' is PERFECT for you if you want to:

  • increase your income while taking your business and career in a direction that feels right for you 
  • niche down
  • discover or improve your USP
  • stand out as the go-to expert
  • clarify your gifts or deeper purpose
  • create the perfect 'I help' statement to attract soulmate clients easily
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Marlena Tillhon MSc - Breakthrough Coaching Session

With Clarity To Breakthrough

1 hour

If you feel confused, stuck or unclear about what you should do next, my breakthrough session will help you to identify any success blocks or unconscious patterns that hold you back or slow you down. 

Together, we will devise an action plan that will help you to take empowered and aligned action that yields results, creates upward momentum, leaves you feeling motivated and inspired and also feels good to you. It's win-win on all levels! 

YES To Big, Bold Moves