Here are the 5 best options in which we can work together in a 1-1 capacity:

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

5 weeks of 1-1 support to gain clarity about your relationship

This 1-1 experience is perfect for you if:

  • you have often wondered whether¬†your relationship is right for you or whether you just have unrealistic expectations
  • you feel that it can be abusive but you‚Äôre not certain and need to know for sure before making a decision
  • you have doubts because something just feels off ‚Ķ
  • you don‚Äôt feel how you want to feel and want to figure out why before giving up because what if it can change?
  • you don't know how to talk to your partner or what to change but you don't want to give up yet

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Get Confidential Expert Support

Create Your Epic Love Relationship

The 8-Week Expert-Level Experience

Discover the root cause of your relationship problems and create an action plan that will take you from tension, conflict and break-up to feeling safe, loved and connected again.

Understand how to bring back the love, feel like you're part of the same team, feel supported and appreciated and committed to creating a fun and successful life together.

It's time to break an unhealthy relationship pattern or habit for good! Let's do that together!

Get The Love You Need

More Self-Belief, Confidence & Inner Security

12 weeks

You will experience a huge transformation when I show you how to use the relationship you have with yourself to achieve your relationship or success goals fast.

This is healing made practical!

Past clients have achieved the following and many other amazing results:

  • leaving a toxic relationship
  • creating a healthy relationship they feel safe and loved in
  • getting over a break-up in just 8 weeks
  • developing genuine self-confidence and making dating fun
  • getting a $282k income raise
  • starting their own business after years of wishing they would
  • moving abroad and creating a life that's perfectly aligned with their innate gifts and deepest desires

What mind-blowing result are we going to get for you?

Let's Make It Happen!

Freedom from Codependency

The 5-Month VIP Treatment

It's time to end your struggles with codependency, people-pleasing and self-neglect once and for all!

This service includes in-depth transformation, 20 x 1-1 sessions, Voxer support but best of all access to ALL programs and courses.

To revolutionise your relationships - especially the one you have with yourself - choose the top tier of healing and self-mastery experiences.


A New Way Of You Being You

Who Am I? And Why Me?

I have personal, first hand experience of what my clients are going through and everything I teach is what has worked for me and will work for everyone who wants to make it work.

It's practical, empowering, deeply healing, transformative and applicable in our busy everyday lives.

I am fully qualified and trained to the highest standards and have the professional experience to back it up.

For me, it's not about superficial quick fixes but effective root cause solutions that allow you to open up, feel safe, let in real love and finally live your life on your terms.

Here's to a new beginning! Here's to a new way of you being you!

With Love, Marlena

Coaching with a Difference

Show Up Confidently To Attract Soulmate Connections & Clients

4 weeks to showing up more authentically and getting visible

It's time for you to show up, shine your light, be seen and attract all the right kinds of people into your life and business. We are talking soulmate connections here!

Together, we break through trauma-based inhibitions and self-censoring habits and unleash a new level of visibility that feels safe but gets you seen and noticed for all the right reasons.

You're Ready To Shine!