Are You Hiding Your Gifts?

gifts self-mastery success Jan 27, 2023

Imagine you are an artist who creates the most beautiful paintings.


You are deeply creative and often feel inspired and so you create masterpiece after masterpiece.


You have created so many masterpieces that you have a huge underground vault where you store all of your masterpieces.


It’s a spectacular space and every time you show it to anyone, which doesn’t happen very often, they are mesmerised and in awe of what you have created.


“Other people need to see this! This is something everyone wants and needs in their lives! You’ll make a fortune!”


That’s what you keep hearing again and again.


But no one visits your vault and no one sees your masterpieces even though you keep creating them.


Your gifts continue to go unnoticed.


Your contributions continue to go unseen.


Unable to positively impact the lives of others.




Because you don’t share them.


You don’t share your gifts and you don’t share your creations.


Maybe you are worried about what others might say.

Maybe you fear judgment and criticism.

Maybe you don’t see their beauty.

Maybe you don’t feel deserving of receiving positive attention or success and wealth.


Whatever it is, whatever the reason is, no one gets to see them and no one benefits.


Even though you create, you don’t contribute.


Not fully.


And every day that passes someone doesn’t enjoy and benefit from your creations.


Every day that passes you create in a vacuum.


But time goes by.


The world moves on.


Everything is in a constant flux of change.


And maybe what could change, or at least improve, someone’s life today might no longer do so tomorrow.


So there’s that.


But what’s worse is that your time as a human being will come to an end.


And what will happen to your creations then?


Will they remain locked away underground and wither away never to be discovered and enjoyed?


Will someone find them and wonder who created all of this breathtaking beauty and why they never shared their gifts?


Will the world mourn the loss of a great talent no one ever got to know?


Would you feel regret over all the wasted opportunities and lost potential (if you still could)?


Today is all you’ve got.


Today is all anyone has ever got.


So if you have a gift (and you do!), use it. 


If you create something, share it.


Be raw, wild and free in your self-expression and with your creativity.


There is a reason why this inspiration lands on your lap.


Don’t question it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t doubt yourself.


Just go for it.










And allow others to see it.


To see you.


All of you.


With Love, Marlena


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