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gifts inner healing success Apr 15, 2022

The other day, my client started our session in floods of tears.

She felt overwhelmed, drained and confused about what was going on for her.

Her husband had also told her that she wasn’t herself. This worried her even more.

What was happening was that lots of challenging situations had occurred over the last two weeks and she was hooked by them all. 

They replayed in her mind - over and over again. She felt a lot of emotional distress. She couldn't be present for her children. 

“How can I learn to let things go? How can I care less? My problem is that I care too much!” 


I stopped her there.

The pattern interrupt.

Nope, we’re not going to go down this path while listening to this story. No.

But aren’t you supposed to let people open up and share everything with you, to just let it all out?

Yes and no.

This is a long-term client so I know her stories. I know the difference between pain that needs to be expressed, seen, understood and soothed and the agony caused by the stories swirling around in our minds.

Once I know a client’s stories, I catch them before they go too far. This also teaches them to catch themselves. 

But to get back to the point, I stopped her mid-stream and asked her to pay attention to what she had just been saying. 

She cared too much. 

And isn’t that a glorious thing? Isn’t that a wonderful gift?

Isn’t that exactly what the world needs? Isn’t that exactly who she needed as a child when she felt that no one cared about her, that no one saw her? So how wonderful that now she has become that person and can learn how to be that person for herself and others - in a healthy, empowered way.

Obviously, in that moment, she didn’t see it that way. In that moment, she was suffering.

But that is only because 1. she didn’t realise it was a gift and so saw it as a curse and 2. she didn’t know how to harness the power of that gift.

During that session, I helped her see her gift in a different light. I helped her realise that she was truly special but that she needed to learn how to use it and how to master it.

She was in possession of a beautiful, fierce, untamed horse that she couldn’t use to her advantage - yet.

Over the next few months, we focused our work on the following:


⭐️ How Your Gift Shows Up ⭐️

My client saw how her gift developed in response to what her younger self needed. It provided her with the perfect opportunity to do deep inner healing work. It also allowed her to nurture others.

But she had to learn how to use her gift for her own benefit and to apply it to herself in her own life and how to stop herself from leaping into other people’s business.

There needed to be a clear separation to avoid the emotional enmeshment she was struggling with. 

What that means in practical ways is this:

Her friend’s problem paying her credit card bill belonged to her friend. It wasn’t my client’s business to figure out how to solve her friend’s problem. Yes, she could have empathy for her friend but she had to stop personalising and internalising her friend’s problem.

This was an ingrained pattern so we had to work through a number of practical scenarios and situations she was and had been experiencing until she felt the difference between her business and other people’s business.


⭐️ Claiming Your Gift ⭐️ 

Next, we identified the limiting beliefs and unhelpful perspectives my client held about caring, having healthy boundaries and setting them and letting other people take responsibility for themselves.

We addressed her beliefs first and then tended to the feelings that came up when she was going against deeply ingrained beliefs while breaking her ‘excessive responsibility’ pattern.

This meant she had to learn to feel her feelings without getting overwhelmed and regulate her nervous system.

She quickly learnt how to recognise when she was getting agitated and what bodily sensations she had to pay attention to so that she could remain regulated, calm and free to care in a composed and compassionate manner.

Realising that she could do this made her feel really powerful and proud of herself.

She actually felt the power of her gift, the warmth and depth of it, without losing herself in it.

Instead, she claimed it and began to feel grounded within it. 

That was a beautiful transformation to witness!


⭐️ Master Your Mind ⭐️

I taught my client to recognise how it feels to live in your stories versus how it feels to live in your truth, in alignment, in the safety of your gift.

When we live in our stories, we feel trapped, agitated, frustrated and scared. Everything seems negative and hopeless. Or it can feel like we constantly have to fight. All we see are problems, limitations and threats.

When we live in alignment with our gifts, our truth, our soul, we feel calm, confident, creative, courageous and compassionate.

We focus our attention onto the thoughts that encourage us to look after ourselves, that help us to feel and stay connected to ourselves and others, that allow us to follow our inspiration and make good, conscious, purposeful choices that benefit us (and others). 

It’s a different state of mind, a different way of living, a different way of being you. 

Once you tap into that, you will forever be changed. And you’ll understand what it means to come home to yourself.

The sense of calm and peace and ‘rightness’ ( = soul-alignment!) is one you’ll take with you wherever you go and whatever you do. 


⭐️ Unleash Your Dreams ⭐️

It’s no good unlocking your gifts when you don’t use them to unleash, realise and manifest your dreams!

So here’s where we expand and push against the edges of our comfort zone while feeling safe, regulated AND excited.

This is the fun part!!!

And yet, for many of my clients it’s also a hard part because they were brought up to play small, be reasonable, fit in the mould that was created for them and dim their own light.

So here we do some reconditioning work and replace outdated and unhelpful patterns. 

We start to play big!

  • What would you do if nothing seemed impossible?
  • What action would you take today if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • How would you carry yourself if you felt 100% confident?
  • What would your next goal be if you were already at your next level?

Seriously, this gets fun fast and it stretches you in ways you never thought possible but it’s all good!

It’s where you use your gift to make your dreams come true and inspire others to do the same.

It’s this energy that’s attractive and will draw soulmate connections effortlessly to you.

And the more you show others who you really are and what you’re all about, the more amazing people and wonderful opportunities you will draw towards you, effortlessly and naturally.

So here’s my tip for you: if there is something you wish you didn’t have or experience, reflect on it. It’s likely it is one of your most amazing gifts. You just don’t recognise it as that - yet.

And if you’d like me to teach you my process or help you uncover your gifts, message me to arrange your success activation or Breakthrough session.

I’d love to meet you. The real you. The gifted you.

With Love



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