Learn How To Create A Healthy & Loving Relationship In Which You Feel Wanted, Secure, Heard, Appreciated & Loved

(even if you are or have been in unhealthy relationships before. This works!)

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Struggling in your relationship hurts. A lot. And so, of course, you want to change that as quickly as possible.

  • Maybe you have tried everything you can think of to fix your relationship and because it’s still not working you are left wondering whether you should stay or go … 
  • Or maybe you just ended an unhappy or unhealthy relationship and never want to repeat that experience ever again but are wondering how to do that. 
  • Maybe you keep attracting selfish or emotionally unavailable partners who leave you feeling unwanted, unloved and alone. 
  • Or maybe you struggle to stand up for yourself and set boundaries with the people you love and so they keep taking advantage of you leaving you feeling unsupported, frustrated and resentful. 
  • And maybe sometimes, you find yourself caught up in drama and conflict that just seems to come out of nowhere and escalate no matter what you do and it’s draining you and driving you insane.

In any case, your relationship can feel more like a battleground than a safe haven to you.

This is about to change ….

Marlena Tillhon Conscious Relationship Coach

Hello I'm Marlena

and I have discovered the vital elements for making a relationship work in the real world.

I used to struggle tremendously with feeling anxious, insecure and jealous in my romantic relationship. It got so bad that eventually I'd just shut down and become avoidant.

In my other relationships, I would sacrifice myself, try to please others and prioritise their needs and opinions over mine. 

This led me to getting trapped in quite a few toxic relationship that were plagued by tension, disconnection, conflict, drama and sadly also emotional neglect and abuse. 

My biggest dream had always been to be in a loving relationship full of romantic dates, laughter while watching Netflix and deep, soul-nourishing intimacy.

I just wasn’t willing to give up on it and so made it my mission to figure out how to create the healthiest, most loving and fun relationship possible.

This is not only something I have achieved for myself but it is also something I continuously help my clients to achieve in my psychotherapy and coaching practice.

Now, you can get access to my experiences, expertise and wisdom by taking the courses I have created especially for you.

When you know how to create an Epic Love relationship ...

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Real Love

You effortlessly attract a partner who likes you, values you and loves you for who you are and not for what you can do for them. They want to connect with you on a deep and meaningful level and make lasting commitments to you that leave you feeling secure and loved.

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True Confidence

You let go of feeling insecure, anxious or unlovable and instead develop your strengths, discover your talents and follow your truth. You express yourself honestly, set boundaries lovingly and take charge of your emotional experiences so that you feel in control.

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Deep Trust

You feel calmer and more secure because you are finally in a relationship in which you feel like you matter and that your partner genuinely cares about you. This frees you up to pursue other goals and interests so that your life feels exciting, rich and deliciously enjoyable.

All of that is possible for you too!

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Get the 4 MOST popular, successful & transformative relationship programs all in one!


  • Empowered in Love - develop a powerful relationship mindset that allows you to eliminate any codependent habits, feeling inferior to your partner, prioritising their needs over yours or having inequalities that create tension, conflict and disconnection between you and your partner. 


  • Peace, Love & Harmony: Creating Drama-Free Relationships - it's time to learn how to eliminate drama, unnecessary conflict and chaos from your relationship so that you can finally unite, relax and enjoy each other's company!


  • Together in Truth & Love - learn how to set boundaries with love! This amazing boundaries program will teach you how you can say what you want and mean what you say without it turning into an argument. Instead, you will finally experience what it's like to feel heard and understood by the person you love.


  • Thrive in Love & Life - find out how to take the pressure off the relationship and how to stop feeling disappointed in your partner by creating a varied and well-rounded life that you love and that makes you feel nourished, energised and proud of yourself and your relationship


  • ALL The Bonuses - you will have access to all the bonuses that come with each course and strengthen your healthy relationship skills while breaking up with toxic relationship habits and patterns.
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It's Time To Matter In Your Relationship!

Clear out the outdated relationship beliefs that make you sacrifice yourself and miss out on what you want and need, tolerate unhealthy relationship behaviours or toxic partners and keep quiet when you really want to say no or set a boundary.

It's time for you to become a significant other who matters, is taken care of, supported and appreciated. You are ready to feel worthy of love, show up with more confidence and have your partner admire and desire you for it.

(And should your partner not do that, it will be a lot easier for you to re-evaluate your relationship!)

You Deserve To Be In A Relationship You Feel Safe & Relaxed In

Learn how to stop escalating arguments in their tracks and how to bring in so much more peace, love and harmony!

Discover how you can avoid misunderstandings, blurred boundaries, conflict, chaos and drama by taking a healthy and empowered position in all of your relationships without feeling guilty.

Once you understand how we create distress and suffering for ourselves and others, you will easily ditch the habits that set it all in motion.

This is the ultimate relationship uplevel!

You Get To Speak Openly & Feel Heard

We feel loved when we feel heard and when we feel safe enough to fully express ourselves. 

Not having been taught the communication skills necessary to co-create a healthy, loving and mutually respectful and beneficial relationship makes this so much harder than it has to be!

Master the art of setting healthy boundaries with love and without guilt in this outstanding course that will show you how you can express your feelings, desires and needs so that they can be heard and received.

It's Time To Thrive & Have Fun Together 

Ever found yourself bored out of your mind while being with your partner? Ever argued over feeling unsupported or unappreciated? Ever felt like you are more of a parent than a partner?

If so, the Thrive Formula will help you establish a healthy relationship practice that teaches you how to create a fun, varied and enjoyable life together.

This is also the perfect course if you want to learn how to meet your own needs in profound, exciting and life-changing ways.

This is how the shift from insecure to secure or codependent to interdependent becomes ever so simple and fun. You've got to try this!


  • You love to learn about yourself and invest in your growth.
  • You want to know exactly how to create the best relationship you've ever been in.
  • You want to matter in your relationship and only focus on people who actually care about you.
  • You want to heal and transform at the deepest level and show up more confidently and assertively.
  • You want to experience deep connection and real love and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.
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“Working with Marlena has been life-changing. I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was, I've got to be honest. She has a very different way with people and makes you feel at ease. She gives you a new way of looking at things and understanding yourself.

I really thought I was a bit crazy but Marlena has helped me to see how what I believed about myself created so many of my problems. Now that I have developed a healthy relationship mindset, I am kind, respectful AND assertive. That's totally changed my relationship and made it a million times better!

The EPIC LOVE Bundle

~ Learn How To Create A Healthy & Loving Relationship ~

It's time for you to finally get the love you want and need!

Don't Miss Out On This Special Offer!!!



4 Courses (usually $888)

Get crystal-clear about what's healthy and what's not so that you can eliminate anything that creates conflict and disconnection and bring back the love instead.

  • 4 multi-module courses that are highly empowering and transformative
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, self-parenting and inner healing made practical



4 Courses + 3 One-to-One Sessions

Get customised support to understand your unique situation in depth and detail so that you can apply and implement everything you learn in a more profound and impactful way that leads to deep, lasting change in yourself, your life and your relationship.

  • 4 multi-module courses that are highly empowering and transformative + community
  • 3 one-to-one sessions lasting 45 minutes each with Marlena
YOU + ME ONLY $888

Frequently Asked Questions


When you value your relationships and love life, you don't sit around and wait for things to get better.

You take action.

We are here for a limited amount of time and we want it to be the best it can be.

Past conditioning has led us to believe that we are powerless when it comes to getting what we want or being in relationships with others.

This couldn't be further from the truth and so it is absolutely vital to put yourself back in charge and learn how you can be successful in your relationships too. 

Because that's what you're here for and that's what you deserve.



If I have managed to turn my relationship around, so can you!