The Empowering & Transformative Program by Codependency Expert Marlena Tillhon MSc

Feel loved, secure and appreciated in all of your relationships without people-pleasing or having to go without what you want - it's time for you to matter too!

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I know that you have been trying REALLY hard to have a happy and loving relationship.

You’ve given your all. You tried to be the best person you can possibly be. You’ve loved more than you ever thought possible. 

And still, it wasn’t appreciated. Actually, YOU weren’t appreciated. And you felt unloved … maybe your relationship experiences even left you feeling unlovable ... doubting that you will ever get the love you need and deserve.

Maybe your relationship struggles don’t even make sense to you considering you’re doing well in all other areas of life.  

People like you, you are successful and you also feel confident and capable in many ways.

Just not in your closest relationships … well, not anymore.

Maybe you can relate to some of the following?

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You’re doing absolutely fine in your life but you struggle, feel insecure and very anxious in your romantic relationship.

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You’re a bit of a people-pleaser and hate to disappoint others or to set boundaries in case it leads to an argument.

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You’ve been in plenty of unhealthy relationships and sadly become somewhat of an expert in 'walking-on-bloody-eggshells' and used to biting your tongue and suppressing your feelings.

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You really struggle to prioritise yourself in your relationships because it just feels so wrong and guilt-inducing and so it's easier to give your partner what they want.

The bottom line is that you tolerate too much and settle for not enough.

This means that you constantly lose out in your relationships.

This is something I can relate to ...

Well, could relate to. A lot has changed since then for me.

My name is Marlena and I'm a psychotherapist and relationship coach. I have learnt how to break the damaging relationship habits that stopped me from creating relationships that allowed me to feel wanted, confident and loved for who I am. 

Before then, I depleted myself trying to prove my worth and earn the love of someone who just wasn't interested in real connection and deep intimacy.

Thing is, I always knew what I wanted but I went about it in all the wrong ways that were never going to lead to a healthy, happy, secure and loving relationship.

Marlena Tillhon Codependency Expert & Coach

Here's why I failed in my relationships ...

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I struggled with codependency. I believed that my partner was going to make me happy if I proved my worth to him. I gave too much while neglecting myself. I felt burnt out, unwanted and bad about myself. Feeling like that about myself, I was never going to make choices that were good for me.

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I had an unhealthy relationship model. I didn't witness healthy relationships growing up and so took this conditioned relationship model with me into my adult life. Repeating the old patterns was never going to lead to me having a different and better relationship experience.

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Unhealthy felt normal to me. I tolerated and settled for unhealthy relationships because I didn't know that it wasn't healthy. I just assumed that's what it was like and tried to stuff my feelings and needs down until I felt like a shell of myself.

After almost a decade of working as a psychotherapist, relationship coach and codependency expert, I know EXACTLY what is required to create healthy, loving and fun relationships that last, feel supportive and allow you to become your most confident, fun and successful self.

I also know how you can eliminate toxic relationship patterns to save and improve your existing relationships.

I would love to share with you!

But first, let me check:

Are You Ready For This?

I want to show you what's possible for you! 


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You are ready to experience real love with a partner who loves spending time with you, snuggling up watching Netflix while also having fun and adventures together.

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You are ready to feel good about yourself, feel confident and assertive and be (with) an amazing partner who is easy to respect, please and loved for who they are.

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You are ready to feel safe, understood, reassured and appreciated by your partner and co-create the emotional intimacy you have been craving all your life.

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You are ready to feel calm, secure, relaxed and in control of what’s going on for you and what’s happening inside of your relationship.

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You are ready to let go of old patterns that attract you to selfish, abusive or emotionally unavailable partners that cannot give you what you want and deserve.

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You are ready to make choices that are good for you, that feel fun and exciting and that will lead to the outcome you actually want.


If so, I have the PERFECT solution for you. 

I'm Inviting You To Join ...

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Join this powerful program that helps you get crystal-clear on how you can break free from codependent habits, what to replace them with and  what practices are needed to create the loving and enjoyable relationships you actually want to be in. 

Create Healthy Relationships - Program with an Expert Relationship Coach


☑️ 5 Exclusive Masterclasses teaching you the necessary skills to break free from codependency and create loving and healthy relationships (valued at $675 each) - instant access!

☑️ Transformative activities to gain a deeper understanding, heal at the core level, speed up your transformation and uplevel your love life (valued at $295)

☑️ The Epic Love Community for empowering live interactions, enhanced accountability and personalised support that heals (valued at $2222 per year) 

☑️ 4 Bonuses (valued at $1807) more info below ... this is going to be so much fun! You're about to dream bigger!

 Total Value $10807 

Special Offer Today $333


Let's make something truly life-changing happen ... 


Unlocking Genuine Self-Confidence

When your attention is always focused on others, you don’t really get to figure out what it is that you want or need, how to make that happen for yourself and to consequently grow in confidence. We’re about to change that!

In this module, you will:

  • Let go of everything that holds you back from becoming the most empowered, joyful and attractive version of yourself so that you can finally feel good about who you are in all areas of your life.
  • Find out how you can get what you have always wanted and needed in a way that feels perfect for you, that heals old wounds and gives you to energy today to pursue and achieve your dreams and goals in your relationships, life and career.
  • Discover the inner compass that ALWAYS points you to the right decision for you so that you know what you want, can say it with conviction and get it without feeling guilty for it.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program


Breaking Up with Codependency

Find out how you can break free from the patterns that will only ever lead to heartache and heartbreak.

In this module, you will:

  • Identify your unique pattern that keeps you trapped in codependent relationships and ways of being so that you can find a customised solution that works.
  • List all green and red flags to protect yourself from unhealthy relationships, make good choices and and maintain healthy standards.
  • Create a new pattern that allows you to take charge of your relationship experiences, attracts high-quality people into your life and helps you to grow in confidence. 

Taking Back Your Power

The time of people-pleasing, over-giving and trying to earn your partner’s love, respect and approval while running on empty is over!

Discover the most potent tools for outgrowing any codependent traits or habits once and for all so that you no longer feel like you’re suffocating in your relationships. 

  • Learn how you can create the most loving, secure and soul-nourishing relationship of all.
  • Get honest about what you actually want, embrace your desires and ditch everything that simply isn’t working for you to make space for what you really want and deserve.
  • Exchange the inner negative self-talk for self-compassion and a new way of being that allows you to be more daring, have more fun and get what you want without feeling awkward or guilty.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program

Becoming & Feeling Secure

It’s time to become your most empowered, confident and composed self!

In this module you will:

  • Learn how to shift into feeling calm, confident and connected even when you wake up feeling low, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed.
  • Unburden yourself from the limiting beliefs and negative self-perceptions that have always held you back and made you feel inferior to others and develop unwavering self-belief.
  • Dissolve relationship triggers so that you can finally relax into your relationship, trust your partner and have a laugh together.

Becoming Successful in Love

It’s time to ditch the outdated relationship model that is built on sacrifice, inequality and suffering. 

You are ready to discover the most powerful strategies and skills needed to create healthy relationships built on love that lasts.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to feel comfortable, at ease and deeply in love with your (new or existing!) partner by learning the single most powerful factor of relationship success.
  • Cultivate an empowered relationship mindset that will eliminate the frustration, disappointment and pain of unmet expectations.
  • Figure out how to keep the butterflies going, how to stay committed and how you can create the most exciting life together (without the drama!).
Self-Worth & Confidence Program


I am including an ever-growing list of bonuses that will blow your mind and help you to create your dream relationship.

Save your relationship course

Codependency First Aid Kit Course

Everything you need to know about codependency in one course! Find out how you can identify codependent traits in your relationship, how it relates to your attachment style and why toxic shame plays an important part in keeping codependency going.

(valued at $999)

Soothing Meditations Set

Heal at the deepest level by starting to feel at home within yourself with my most soothing meditations.

Bonus: get the Next Level You in Love Embodiment Practice included here.

(valued at $111)

Anxiety in relationships

The Anxiety Relief Kit

Codependency and anxiety go hand in hand. Find out how you can soothe yourself and calm your anxiety with the practical and powerful strategies included in the Anxiety Relief Kit.

(valued at $222)

Toxic relationship course

Your Codependency Assessment

Access the Clinical Codependency Assessment that I use with my private clients to see how you rate on the Codependency Scale and which areas and traits to focus on first.

(valued at $475)

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“Working with Marlena has been life-changing. I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was, I've got to be honest. She has a very different way with people and makes you feel at ease. She gives you a new way of looking at things and understanding yourself. I really thought I was a bit crazy but Marlena has helped me make sense of what was going on for me and guided me towards what she calls my next level. It was really great and I highly recommend working with her.”


This isn't just my profession and passion - all of this comes from personal experience!

Everything I teach and share with you comes as a direct result of my inner healing journey, my professional knowledge and my work in my personal relationships.

It's real-life stuff that works! 

I've seen it all. I've heard it all. I've also experienced a lot of it myself.

The incessant arguments. Being blamed and turned into a scapegoat. The hurtful comments. Being criticised, shouted at and put down. Feeling humiliated and unloved. Being sexually rejected. Having my emotional needs ridiculed and invalidated. Being ghosted and dismissed. Getting hit and hurt. And so much more ...

There's nothing we cannot heal and I am living proof of that.

Marlena Tillhon Self-Love Coach


  • You give too much in your relationships, struggle to set boundaries and feel empty, depleted and unfulfilled.
  • You experience a lot of anxiety, insecurity or jealousy in your relationship which causes conflict and frequent arguments.
  •  You find it hard to make yourself matter in your relationships because it makes you feel selfish or guilty but you are done with going without what you want and need.
  • You're fed up with feeling unwanted and unappreciated and ready to learn how you can receive more attention, love and support in healthy and reciprocal ways.
  • You are all-in, committed and determined to figure out how you can let go of everything that holds you back from having the relationships you want to have.

This is NOT for you if ...

  • you are in a violent relationship right now.
  • you are being financially controlled.
  • you live with an unpredictable and unsafe person who could threaten your life.
  • you are unwilling to make changes or take action.
  • you want someone to rescue you from your problems.

If any of these apply to you, I encourage you to seek 1-1 support and contact local support agencies or charities.

It's Time For You To Get The Love You Need

Learn how to matter in your relationships, feel good about yourself and surround yourself with people who respect and love you for who you are.

Outgrow Codependency


Special Offer: Pay-in-Full

4 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • 5 high-level masterclasses with expert guidance
  • Practical and actionable activities and strategies that lead to real-life change
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing 

The VIP Package


Add 3 One-to-One Sessions

4 weeks to the relationship of your dreams

  • 5 high-level masterclasses with expert guidance
  • Practical and actionable activities and strategies that lead to real-life change
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, attachment theory, neuroscience and empowered inner healing

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