Achieve Your Next Level Success or Love Goal with Deep Confidence, Empowerment & Unwavering Self-Worth

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You have big dreams and you try your best to make them come true but then, in the last minute, something stops this from happening.

Something is sabotaging you. If only you could figure out what it is and get rid it, then you could really make your dreams come true.

You look for the cause in all kinds of different places, people and things but you just can’t figure out what it is that stops you from receiving what you want, from feeling confident and loved, from having the right kinds of people in your life, from achieving mind-blowing success and being financially independent.

You know you want it. You work hard for it. So how is it possible that just before you smash your next level goal, it somehow goes wrong and doesn’t materialise?

It’s called the worthiness wound.

And it’s hiding within all of us.

Which is why we can’t find it when we look for it outside of ourselves. 

The worthiness wound leaves us feeling unworthy of receiving the love, happiness, success and wealth we long for and deserve.

It tells us lies about how there’s something wrong with us, how we’re not really lovable and how we can’t have what we want because of how flawed we are.

But none of it is true!

And yet, it stops us from going to the next level, from manifesting our dreams and desires, from feeling truly happy and alive in the present moment.

It shuts us down. It makes us hustle and hide. It disconnects us from who we really are and what we’re really capable of. 

But you’re done with it! You know it and I know it.

Ain’t no worthiness wound going to stop you from pursuing your dreams, making it happen and creating a life you feel so excited about you can’t wait to jump out of bed every morning.


You have soul and power. You have gifts and potential. And this is your time to unlock and unleash it all!

“Worth isn’t something we have to earn. It is something we have to remember.”

And if you remembered how worthy, lovable and deserving you are, what would you do?

Would you ...

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Let go of everyone and everything that weighs you down and doesn’t fully appreciate having you in their life so that you can create space for soulmate partners, friends and clients who respect, value and love you for who you are

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Detach your worth from other people’s expectations, judgments, beliefs, old rules and roles and step into the worthiness mode that magnetises soulmate connections, next level success and wealth in all areas of life

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Let go of negative self-perceptions and open up to recognising your strengths, gifts and power so that you can feel confident, deserving and capable to create everything you want to have and experience in your life

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Do the things you've always wanted to do, fully believe in yourself and blow your own mind with the incredible things you make happen while everyone around you wonders where the hell 'the real you' came from

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Feel comfortable with receiving the success, love, money, attention, fun and acknowledgment of your worth and competence and fully embrace and celebrate it while being open to more and becoming truly abundant

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Have the coolest adventures and the most fun you’ve ever had truly engaging in life, saying YES to exciting opportunities and feeling wildly alive, confident, empowered, vibrant and fulfilled

 Of course you would. That and SO MUCH MORE!!! 


When you finally feel worthy, when you finally realise the truth about you, the things you have been working so hard to make happen, begin to happen effortlessly.

You become a magnet to everything you want. 

It starts to desire you too.

It becomes a perfect match to this unlevelled, worthy you.

And it doesn’t matter what happened to you before. It doesn’t matter what you struggled with. It doesn’t matter what you believed about yourself. None of that matters at all anymore.

Not once you’ve committed to stepping into worthiness mode.

Let me explain …

Marlena Tillhon Soul-Aligned Success Coach

Hello I'm Marlena


I always felt very grateful for scraps. I made do with what I was given. I didn’t ask for more. I played small while watching so many people around me do amazing things with their lives. I never felt good enough no matter what I did. 

And to be honest, considering how unworthy I felt, it is a miracle that my life was as good as it was despite toxic relationships, lack of a support system and being financially poor.

Here is what I have come to realise: we create our external reality to match our internal one. 

If you don’t feel lovable, you will continuously attract partners who cannot love you the way you need to be loved. Your relationships will leave you longing for more and exacerbate your sense of unworthiness.

If you struggle to accept compliments, gifts or support, you cannot receive what you really want because the energy you give off is one of unworthiness.

If you don’t feel deserving of what you actually want, you won’t ask for it and most certainly won’t be able to accept it even if it was offered to you.

What you need to know is this: you can have everything you want. Love. Success. Wealth. Fulfilment. Joy. You absolutely can.

But only once you step into worthiness mode.

Until then you will stand in your own way and stop yourself from receiving what you’re actually worthy and deserving of: everything you want and more.


When you step into worthiness mode

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You effortlessly attract the soulmate partner, friends and clients who like you, value you and love you for who you are and not for what you can do for them. Codependency begone!

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You let go of negative self-perceptions, open up to recognising your strengths, gifts and power and begin to feel confident, deserving and capable to create everything you want to have and experience in your life.

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You experience mind-blowing success in your own right and overcome feelings of jealousy or feeling threatened by other people’s success, achievements, beauty or confidence once and for all.

All of that is possible for you too!



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The 4-week LIVE program that helps you to reconnect to your self-worth and develop the unwavering confidence to express yourself fully, attract dream partners and clients and receive all the success, fulfilment and wealth you want. 

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☑️ 4 masterclasses (valued at $555 each)

☑️ 4 LIVE Q&As (valued at $777 each)

☑️ Journal Prompts to deepen your transformation (valued at $222)

☑️ The Epic Love & Success Private Support Community (valued at $999 per year)

☑️ Lifetime Course Access

☑️ Surprise Bonus (valued at $1111)

 Total Value $7660 

Early Bird Offer Today $555


How we'll make some magic happen ... 


Reclaim Your Worthiness

Let's debunk the story of unworthiness and toxic shame to unburden yourself from feeling flawed, 'not good enough' or like you're a bad person.

  • Let go of negative self-perceptions and judgments and finally start to feel good about yourself.
  • Reclaim the empowered part of you that attracts people who respect, appreciate and love you.
  • Tap into the embodied experience of feeling worthy and deserving of having what you want.
  • Activate genuine confidence that helps you to show up as the authority and expert that you are.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program


Express Your Worthiness

Integrate powerful worthiness practices and create life-changing habits that make it easy for you to show up confidently and get what you want.

  • Detach your self-worth from other people's opinions and judgments as well as your achievements or your financial and social status.
  • Learn how to heal your worthiness wounds in practical, loving and powerful ways to free yourself from past pain once and for all.
  • Create a worthiness practice that uplevels your confidence consistently and makes it easy to take bold action leading to great success results.
  • Step into worthiness mode and feel so amazing about yourself that you only accept the best and finally go all in on making your success and relationship dreams come true.

Feel Worthy of Love

Learn how to only attract people into your life who love you for who you are, treat you with respect and care, and who are ready to make long-term commitments. But most importantly, how you can feel worthy of it all and let it in.

  • Heal worthiness wounds caused by unhealthy relationships for good.
  • Find out the exact moves that will allow you to feel worthy of real love that lasts, kindness, connection, intimacy, safety, passion and fun.
  • Learn how to stop being self-critical and down about yourself and instead trust and like yourself more and make better choices for yourself.
  • Discover the simple way to attract soulmate connections and how to feel worthy of letting them in and receiving the love you've always wanted.
Self-Worth & Confidence Program
Self-Worth & Confidence Program

Feel Worthy of Success

It's time for you to uplevel and receive more than you ever thought possible! Feel deserving of pursuing your dreams, shining your light and expressing yourself from a place of genuine confidence and self-empowerment.

  • Overcome feelings of jealousy and the toxic habit of comparing yourself negatively to others who have what you want with 1 powerful shift.
  • Liberate yourself from anything you’ve outgrown or that isn’t align with your newly found sense of worth.
  • Make big, bold moves to quantum leap in your business or career and have more money hit your bank account.
  • Let go of beliefs that keep you playing small and that make it difficult for you to show up fully, be assertive about your desires.


This week is all about practical implementation, transformation and integration.

We focus on alignment and creating practical action steps and success plans for you to achieve your goals in the most empowered, fun and effective way possible.

Join today to experience a true transformation with one of the world's leading experts on toxic shame, codependency, self-worth and empowered inner healing.

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“Working with Marlena has been life-changing. I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was, I've got to be honest. She has a very different way with people and makes you feel at ease. She gives you a new way of looking at things and understanding yourself. I really thought I was a bit crazy but Marlena has helped me make sense of what was going on for me and guided me towards what she calls my next level. It was really great and I highly recommend working with her.”


Marlena Tillhon Self-Love Coach

This isn't just my profession and passion - it's also coming from personal experience!

Everything I teach and share has emerged through my own healing journey, my personal return to self-worth, and my continued growth and evolution. 

I was done with craving love from others to fill the void inside of me. I was done with settling for unhealthy relationships in which I didn't matter. I was done with playing small, having an insignificant life and feeling deeply inhibited.

I wanted more and I wasn't going to hide or apologise for it anymore.

But what I discovered was that my foundations were shaky and that everything felt so much harder without having the backing of my inner confidence and self-worth.

It constantly felt like I was gambling with my self-worth. Being criticised was a big deal. Not getting the results I wanted in my psychotherapy exams was a big deal. My partner wanting a day to himself was a big deal.

Attaching how I saw myself and how I felt about myself to all of these external factors was extremely anxiety-inducing and left me feeling insecure and powerless.

I was in my 30s, had 3 small children and was setting up my psychotherapy business - I had to get my act together! I didn't want to feel like an imposter anymore.

And so I began to reclaim my self-worth. I detached it from other people's opinions of me, from my results at work, from the numbers in my bank account.

Instead, I took charge of how I saw myself. I learnt how to treat myself well and that I had to make good choices for myself.

In lots of internal, external, practical and emotional ways  I learnt how to finally love myself.

And now I want to help you to reconnect to the unwavering sense of self-worth that lies within you too.

I feel honoured to be on this journey with you.

With Love, Marlena

Marlena Tillhon Self-Love Coach


  • you want to improve the relationship you have with yourself in a way that feels fun and natural
  • you want to learn how to deepen your level of self-love and self-worth in practical, healing and empowering ways that work and last
  • you want to feel excited about consciously creating a life that works for you, that you love and that you feel proud of
  • you want to become more daring, bold and authentic, finally put the spotlight onto yourself and make yourself matter
  • you want to be a great role model for your kids, your loved ones and your clients and inspire them to develop a healthier and more loving relationship with themselves too
  • you want to finally feel amazing about yourself and have the confidence to pursue your dreams, express yourself assertively and let in all the good things you've always wanted but struggled to let in and receive

The ULTIMATE Self-Worth & Self-Confidence Experience

~ Feel Worthy, Lovable & Deserving Of Everything You Desire ~

It's time to step into worthiness mode and unlock the confidence that makes it easy for you to attract the soulmate connections into your life that fill it with love, light and laughter, to pursue your dreams and to achieve and even surpass your professional ambitions.

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Connect to your innate self-worth and unlock unwavering self-confidence.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime transformation that ignites other transformations leading to the outcomes you have always dreamed of.

  • 5 weeks of LIVE support for a customised experience
  • Empowering community support and real connection
  • Based on psychotherapeutic practices, self-parenting and inner healing made practical



Program + 5 Voxer Days

Receive personal and customised support once per week for 5 weeks to boost your transformation!

  • Find out exactly what you need to feel secure, happy within yourself and thrive in your life.
  • Discover the empowering mindset shifts that make it easy for you to prioritise your wellbeing without feeling guilty
  • Become the most confident, fun and relaxed version of yourself that feels in charge of her life and is happy to receive what she wants
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Step into worthiness mode to feel wildly confident, believe in yourself and consciously create a life you love.

A life in which you feel worthy of having what you desire, of being loved for who you are and of feeling good about yourself.

You know you want it and now it's time to actually do it.

Choose yourself.